Over the weekend the TwinSunz Podcast aired a 2-hour interview with Legends of Runeterra Game Director, Andrew Yip. He covered a variety of topics, including laying the groundwork for multiplayer modes, upcoming card cosmetics, and brand new Champions unique to LoR.

Quote From Reddit (Breakdown from TfTEberron)

  • The majority of the playerbase is on mobile.
  • Discard Decks need some help to be fully realized.
  • The dev team expects players to crack any meta deck and find a weakness. If the players fail to after considerable time, they said 40 hours of trying to crack it, then balance changes will be introduced.
  • BALANCE CHANGES IN 1.5, breaking the cycle.
  • The development team doesn't want to do neutral cards because they are either staples in every deck or absolutely useless.
  • Alternate game modes will be used to make unpopular or underused cards still be viable.
  • We will one day see champions original to Legends of Runeterra.
  • The goal is for every format to be sustained and reused, even in limited windows.
  • L.A.B.S. will show the flexibility of the core gameplay engine.
  • Some events will span multiple games (LoR, LoL, TFT, Wild Rift, etc.).
  • Expect card cosmetics in the future (remained vague on all details).
  • Multiplayer game modes are being considered as the next horizon (2v2, 2vBoss, other social modes). Want to set up a competitive foundation, then set up a co-operative foundation.
  • Fast card release to satisfy players while the foundation of game modes is established.
  • "Gauntlets are the beginning of the flood" -Yipp. July and August will be busy.
  • Use RNG for skill testing, not for randomness.
  • Yipp is excited to develop Void champions into cards.