Last week there was a Reddit thread where user, OtzoyGt, talked about how the meta gets shaped primarily by MegaMogwai and Swim and how frustrating it can be seeing the same decks over and over. Legends of Runeterra producer, Dovagedys, and Mobalytics founder, Uthgar both responded to the thread and provided lots of insight about the meta and how they are using the data that they gather.

Quote From Dovagedys

We are working on a way to be able to share more data with everyone more broadly. We don't have an estimated date yet, but we think it is extremely important to show you all the possible competitive decks that are available. The number is much larger than data aggregation sites currently represent.

We want to help give more information. We don’t want you all to feel like you must play the same 6 or 7 decks to have success. We want everyone to have the option to play 30 decks and have success.

I hope sharing this helps and I hope we can share more data on the meta with you very soon.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more meta data straight from Riot! In an effort to break away from the usual, top decks and introduce something outside the norm, here are a couple of fun, off-meta builds to try out for yourself this weekend!

Shiraza OTK Off Meta
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