September 7th is Labor Day in the United States and Canada, a "yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country." To celebrate, we've curated a list of some fun decks that showcase the working class of Legends of Runeterra: support units! Note that while some of these decks do include champions with support, they all really focus on the power of support followers. Whether you're looking for some thematic decks to celebrate this holiday or just looking for some fun new decks to try out this weekend, we've got you covered.

Mogwai's French Gems

Tyari the Traveler Card Image Mentor of the Stones Card Image  Mountain Sojourners Card Image

Let's kick things off with the grand-daddy of support: Targon. This deck from Mogwai uses Demacia challengers to set up the coveted Mountain Sojourners conga line.


Control's Lulu + Teemo Support Deck

Young Witch Card Image Parade Electrorig Card Image
The headline for this deck is obviously having Lulu buff up Teemo, but don't overlook unsung heroes Young Witch and Parade Electrorig. This is one of the few instances where the latter works well: it stocks your deck up with more Teemo for the Kinkou Wayfinder to pull out.
Control's Lulu + Teemo Support
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HawkTie's Draven + Taric Overwhelm

Kato The Arm Card Image
Kato The Arm is one of the more difficult support followers to find a good spot for. This deck from HawkTie makes use of his overwhelm to make an aggro deck that keeps the pressure up into the midgame.
HawkTie's Draven + Taric Support
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Swim's Lulu + Zed Supports

War Chefs Card Image Fuzzy Caretaker Card Image

Here's an aggressive deck from Swim that uses Relentless Pursuit to get multiple support bonuses -- is that like making them work overtime?

What decks are you looking to play this weekend? Please share below!