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Next in our series of champion spotlights is former knight Taric, the Shield of Valaran. Taric has probably been the least popular champion of the set so far, which I think overshadows how fun he can be to play and versatile to deck-build around. One thing to know before you play him: he will only ever have 1 "support" mechanism active, so if you go into an attack with him at L1 then he and his supported ally won't be invulnerable even if he then levels mid-attack. If you really want him and his ally to be invulnerable, try to level him before committing your attack. With that in mind, here are 4 decks that showcase his potential.

You can always find the latest Taric decks in our deck listing!

SilverFuse's Lee Sin + Taric OTK

Lee Sin Card Image Taric Card Image

It's ironic that right after the patch notes hinted at a possible "major update for Lee Sin", players have discovered new synergies with him in Targon. L2 Lee Sin + Might was a powerful but inconsistent combo in the previous expansion. Gems and Zenith Blade seems like a much more reliable variation, and Taric provides midgame pressure as well as an alternative win condition. We briefly showcased Hyped's version of this deck last week; here's SilverFuse's take which drops Arbiter of the Peak for Star Shaping and squeezes in a couple of Bastion.

SilverFuse's Lee Sin + Taric OTK
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0 30000 30000 122 0

BruisedByGod's Taric + Fiora

Fiora Card Image Mentor of the Stones Card Image

The other Taric combo that's been growing in meta popularity lately is Taric + Fiora. We showcased Mogwai's take on this archetype for Labor Day; here's a slightly different build from BBG. 


Charm3r's Taric + Vi Assembly Bot Medarda

Vi Card Image Jae Medarda Card Image Sumpworks Map Card Image

Here's a fun little deck from Charm3r that utilizes Gems to juice Vi and Assembly Bots. 3x Jae Medarda provides a cheap draw mechanism to look for answers including the 1x Sumpworks Map.

SilverFuse's Taric + Braum Braum's Goats

Braum Card Image Mountain Goat Card Image

Finally for our "just for fun", here's a themed deck from SilverFuse. Honestly this combo has a lot of potential, but with all the Hush, Sunburst, and Culling Strike in the meta right now it's very vulnerable to a sudden tempo loss. 

SilverFuse's Taric + Braum Goats
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And that concludes our spotlight on Taric. What Taric decks have you enjoyed playing? Let us know below. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow to check out our next feature spotlight!