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Next up on our series of champion showcase articles is Lulu, the Fae Sorceress. Lulu's design is interesting: she wants to be combined with other support units to level up and smaller units that benefit more from her native support ability. As a result, she really prospers when used with a certain core set of common cards. We're going to start again with the popular meta options that leverage this core -- at first glance, they'll look extremely similar to each other, but there are some key differences that will change the way each plays. Stick around for the end as we go more off-meta! 

You can always find the latest Lulu decks in our deck listing!

Swim's Lulu + Shen Supports

Shen Card Image Single Combat Card Image

We'll start yet again with the most popular meta deck at the time of writing, although this time its a tie between the Shen and Zed variants. This Shen list from Swim isn't really looking to level him up--instead, its hoping to make your opponent's blocks very awkward while also leveling up Lulu. Fleetfeather Tracker, Valor, and Laurent  Protege are all excellent recipients of any of the support buffs, and Genevieve Elmheart provides a big finish.

Swimstrim's Lulu + Shen Support Challengers
A Runeterra Deck created by . Last updated 3 weeks, 5 days ago
2 26500 26500 176 0

TeamLeviathanGaming's Lulu + Zed Demacia Challengers

Zed Card Image Relentless Pursuit Card Image

Compare the above deck to this one from TeamLeviathanGaming: Zed takes the extra champion slot, and a few critical tweaks are to improve early-game trades (Ranger's Resolve, Rush) and to punish slower decks (Relentless Pursuit). Genevieve Elmheart returns as a closer.

TeamAretuza's Lulu + Shen Emoosives

Greathorn Companion Card Image Fae Guide Card Image Ghost Card Image

Our last Demacia deck again partners Lulu with Shen, but this deck wants to play like a combo deck. Specifically: it hopes to create an elusive Greathorn Companion that can deal 10 damage if unanswered. 

Charm3r's Lulu + Zed Targon

Mentor of the Stones Card Image Mountain Sojourners Card Image Windfarer Hatchling Card Image

You could be forgiven for mistaking this deck list from Charm3r with the earlier Lulu + Zed deck, but it's game plan is quite different. Note the clever inclusion of Mentor of the Stones and Mountain Sojourners: he's taken an older Ionia elusive deck and retrofitted it with Targon for permanent buffs. Windfarer Hatchling retains its job of buffing an elusive squad and allowing for a big final swing.

Silverfuse's Lulu + Teemo Mushroom War

Teemo Card Image Flame Chompers! Card Image

Our first off-meta deck features meme-favorite Teemo, but this is actually a fairly scary deck. Short term it can present a bunch of elusive damage, and long-term not even the heal-heavy Sol decks can deal with exponential puff caps. Just make sure that when you're facing Bildgewater, you play around Parrrley, Make it Rain, and Red Card.

SilverFuse's Lulu + Teemo Mushroom Synergy
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0 22000 22000 55 0

Control's Lulu + Shen Swole Squirrel

Swole Squirrel Card Image Legion Drummer Card Image Kato The Arm Card Image

Finally in a more "just for fun" vein, here's another Lulu + Shen deck that incorporates Noxus to power-level Swole Squirrel and grant it overwhelm. Note that Control includes 2 decks in his video below; he says the Demacia version is a little more consistent but the Noxus's version to pop off insane numbers makes it the superior deck in our eyes.

Control's Lulu + Shen Noxus Swole Squirrel
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0 26300 26300 25 0

And that's our spotlight on Lulu. What Lulu decks have you enjoyed playing? Let us know below, and tune in tomorrow as we continue our champion spotlight series!