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Welcome to the final entry in our ongoing Call of the Mountain champion spotlight series -- if you missed the previous entries, be sure to go check them out! Today we look at Trundle, the Troll King. Trundle has been a surprisingly versatile champion to build around -- he obviously synergizes well with any control deck using Frejlord, but thanks to his overwhelm and Ice Pillar he can squeeze into mid-range decks as well.

You can always find the latest Trundle decks in our deck listing!"

BruisedByGod's Trundle + Tryn Warmother's Call

Tryndamere Card Image Warmother's Call Card Image Troll Ravager Card Image

If you've been following the series you know we try to start with the most meta-popular decks, but with Trundle it's been difficult to judge that category. Ultimately we settled on this Warmother's deck from BBG. The game plan is straight forward: stall until you can cast Warmother's Call, then keep escalating pressure until your opponent falls. Icequake and Soulgorger provide some stall tools.

BruisedByGod's Trundle + Tryn Warmother's
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Keppada's Trundle + Sol Max-Ramp

Aurelion Sol Card Image Faces of the Old Ones Card Image Dragon's Clutch Card Image

We wanted to show a Trundle + Sol deck very different from the GrappLr decklist we used for Sol's spotlight. After some searching, we found this interesting decklist from Kappada who invests heavily in ramp: 3x Faces of the Old Ones, 3x Wyrding Stones, and 3x Catalyst of Aeons. If that sounds too greedy for you -- well, Keppada hit #2 EU with this deck list last week. Note that Dragon's Clutch always pull Aurelion Sol and The Infinite Mindsplitter, arguably the 2 strongest cards in all of LoR right now.

Mogwai's Kalista + Trundle Smorc

Kalista Card Image Augur of the Old Ones Card Image Ancient Crocolith Card Image

Here's a deck from Mogwai attempting to build around Augur of the Old Ones, ideally using it to buff an Ancient Crocolith. Trundle drafts off the all the 8+ behold targets provided for Augur, and Battle Fury + Overwhelm and Atrocity provide some interesting lethal possibilities.


Control's Trundle + Ledros OTK

Commander Ledros Card Image Revitalizing Roar Card Image Atrocity Card Image

Ledros Combo has taken over the tournament scene lately, but tournament decks don't always make the best ladder decks. The combo is straight forward -- stall until enlightened, then use Revitalizing Roar on your Commander Ledros to heal +9, play the free Ledros to half your opponent's life, and once you know its safe play Atrocity on Ledros to deal 9 straight to the nexus. Here's Control's ladder-friendly take on this archetype: he thins down some of the copies of Ledros and The Ruination in favor of more general tools like The Box and Withering Wail.

Control's Trundle OTK Ledros
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Iannogueira's Swain + Trundle

Swain Card Image The Leviathan Card Image Captain Farron Card Image

We've seen many decklists that marry the Swain / The Leviathan combo to Trundle to leverage the behold synergy. The one we finally chose to showcase here is one that iannogueira used to win the Brazilian Runeterra School tournament, which also includes 1x Captain Farron and 3x Culling Strike to leverage all the frostbite effects otherwise used to stall.

iannogueira's Swain + Trundle
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Patinator's Trundle + Sejuani Noxus Yetis

Sejuani Card Image Trifarian Assessor Card Image  Enraged Yeti Card Image

Finally, the winner of the "I Can't Believe This Works So Well" category is this deck from Patinator. In what probably started as a joke, he took his pre-CotM Yeti deck and replaced Ashe with Trundle. It's a very straight forward yet effective deck.

Thus concludes our champion spotlight on Trundle, as well as our final article of this series. Did we include your favorite Trundle deck? Also: what kind of Runeterra articles would you like to see more of in the future? Let us know the answers to both below!