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With Patch 1.10 reverting the previous Flash of Brilliance nerf, is it time for a Heimerdinger resurgence? Here are 4 Heimerdinger decks that we're itching to try to find out!

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Mogwai's Heimer + Lux "Demacian Hextech"

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This deck from Mogwai is probably the strongest Heimerdinger deck pre-patch. Mogwai partners the mad scientist with fellow spell-lover Lux to justify running 29 spells. It is a pre-CotM list, but we're not seeing any obvious upgrades from the new cards and the fact Mogwai had success with this deck paying 4 mana for Flash of Brilliance means it should be strictly better now.

Heimer + Ezreal Frostbite

Ezreal Card Image Flash Freeze Card Image Tri-beam Improbulator Card Image

Next, we have a blast from the past: frostbite Ezreal! Old timers will recognize this as the original Ezreal deck, but it soon fell out of favor as (surprise, surprise) players found it was easy enough to progress Ezreal without investing so heavily in targeting spells. Could this be time for a resurgence? Frostbite effects have significant value in the current meta, though, and there are some extremely slick synergies between Flash Freeze - > Tri-beam Improbulator and Harsh Winds -> Heimerdinger. Troll Chant also offers the unique ability to protect your units while progressing Ezreal. 

Heimer + Sol Purrsuit of Perfection

Aurelion Sol Card Image Behold the Infinite Card Image Purrsuit of Perfection Card Image

We covered Saucy Mailman's Flash-less version of this archetype in our Aurelion Sol spotlight; here's a variant that squeezes in 3x Flash of Brilliance and rounds out the curve a bit. The strategy remains the same: use Heimer and celestial cards to stall while progressing the "uniquely named" requirement of Purrsuit of Perfection; then drop either Aurelion Sol or Catastrophe to close out the game. It's definitely on the meme-y side of the meta rainbow, but extremely satisfying when you pull it off.

Heimerdinger + Vi Targon

Vi Card Image Mentor of the Stones Card Image

Finally, we have an unrefined list combining Heimerdinger with Vi. There is a lot of good synergy between Vi, Gems, and Zenith Blade as we've seen from her pre-patch pairings with Ezreal and Diana.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been much experimentation in this vein for Heimerdinger so its unproven yet how to best optimize this archetype; however we believe there's strong potential.

Heimer + Vi Targon
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Those are the Heimerdinger decks we're keeping our eyes on. Are there any decks you're looking forward to playing after the patch? Let us know below!