Hail, Champions! If you been following along, you know what this article is about -- so let's just jump into our favorite Shyvana theorycraft decks!

Shyvana Card Image

We'll also again remind every that there should be 1 free copy of Shyvana in the Champion Capsule from your Demacia Level 28 region reward.

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NicMakesPlay's Shyvana + Sol Dragons

Aurelion Sol Card Image Inviolus Vox Card Image  Herald of Dragons Card Image

Hypothesis: Dragons will be powerful, especially with a few combat tricks to support them.

Execution: A Demacia + Targon control deck looking to start dropping scary dragons in early and out-value your opponent there-on-out.

Why it could work: It's similar to existing successful dragon decks but now with Shyvana to help apply early pressure. She should also be very easy to level in this deck, at which point she becomes a nightmare.

Why it might not: Dragonguard Lieutenant and Egghead Researcher help a little with the early game, but in general its still a very slow deck which might struggle to come back from behind.

Alanzq's Soraka + Shyvana

Soraka Card Image Zenith Blade Card Image Bastion Card Image

Hypothesis: The key to maximizing Shyvana's value is to give her overwhelm and keep her healthy.

Execution: A half offensive / half defensive Demacia + Targon deck that looks to land Zenith Blade on Shyvana and keep her well healed through Soraka and other healing spells.

Why it could work: Soraka and Shyvana make an excellent partnership, and this deck runs a lot of damage buffs plus 6 other dragons so Shyvana should be fairly easy to level.

Why it might not: This deck doesn't have much early-game threats and no late-game threats/value, so there's a fairly narrow window where it either pops off or runs completely out of gas.

Alanzq's Solo Shyvana Mobilize Dragons 

Eclipse Dragon Card Image Kadregrin the Infernal Card Image Mobilize Card Image

Hypothesis: If we can ramp into them through Herald of Dragons, Mobilize, and Dragon's Clutch, the late-game big-value dragons can carry the game.

Execution: A ramp-heavy Demacia + Targon dragon deck looking to make big tempo plays by cheating out dragons.

Why it could work: Mana-cheated dragons provide great pressure, and there's always the threat of a big Judgment play to wipe the board AND give your dragon crazy stats.

Why it might not: So far Mobilize decks have been considered memes due to their inconsistency -- most players consider that if it doesn't affect at least 3 cards when you play it, you've effectively lost tempo. 

Glop's Shyvana Bannerman 4.0

Garen Card Image Vanguard Bannerman Card Image Cithria the Bold Card Image

Hypothesis: Shyvana's strongest support cards are in Demacia -- why not go all-in and make an allegiance deck?

Execution: A mono-Demacia bannerman deck with Shyvana in Fiora's usually spot.

Why it could work: We already know this is a good archetype, and Shyvana threatens a lot more damage than Fiora

Why it might not: It's a linear approach that most opponents will be very familiar with by now, and Shyvana will be difficult to flip due to her only outside help being 3x Screeching Dragon.

Krixiz's Zed + Shyvana Supports

Zed Card Image Young Witch Card Image Relentless Pursuit Card Image

Hypothesis: Shyvana loves attacking; Zed loves attacking; why not pair them together in a Rally-heavy deck?

Execution: An Ionia + Demacia aggro frame with combat tricks, Young Witch + War Chefs to help support the champs, and Relentless Pursuit as a finisher.

Why it could work: We've seen success with similar decks (usually running Lulu): any time you can get an early board advantage and then play Relentless Pursuit is usually game. 

Why it might not: Shyvana might actually be a downgrade from Lulu here if she doesn't level up, and like the last deck her only outside help is 3x Screeching Dragon.

Warreor's Miss Fortune + Shyvana Scouts

Miss Fortune Card Image Stalking Broodmother Card Image Shakedown Card Image

Hypothesis: Shyvana and MF/Scouts both synergize well with Rally.

Execution: A MF Scout frame heavy on vulnerability and featuring Stalking Broodmother and Dragonguard Lookout.

Why it could work: Scouts is already a good aggressive deck; successfully incorporating Fury on top of that might make it S-Tier.

Why it might not: It's slightly slower than traditional scout decks, and even though it brings even bigger threats to justify that pace it also becomes more susceptible to control plays like The Ruination and Icequake.

What decks are you excited to play? Any Shyvana decks of your own? Please share them with us below.