Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power launches later today and we've put together all the information you're going to need to know for the release.

Monuments of Power Fast Facts

  • This is the second expansion of cards in the Call of the Mountain set. (Third expansion is in December)
  • 40 new cards have been added to the game with a large focus on Bilgewater, Demacia, and Targon.
  • A new type of card has been added to the game - Landmarks.
    • Landmarks are cards that stay on your board, using an available slot, but cannot attack or defend.
    • Landmarks provide you with a passive bonus as long as they remain in play.
  • A new ranked season has started with the set's launch.

Monuments of Power Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff!

  • Targon's Region Road now goes to 25. A free Champion is available at 23.
  • Bilgewater's Region Road now goes to 29. A free Champion is available at 28.
  • Demacia's Region Road now goes to 29. A free Champion is available at 28.

With these region road updates, if you have unlocked all the previous champions for these regions, you will be getting a guaranteed Soraka, Tahm Kench, or Shyvana from their respective region's road. Neat!

  • A Targon card back has been added to its region road for hitting level 25.

New Champions

Here are the three new Champions added in Monuments of Power.

Shyvana Card Image Soraka Card Image Tahm Kench Card Image

Landmark Cards

Curious what the new Landmark cards are that were described above? Look no further!

The Howling Abyss Card Image Noxkraya Arena Card Image The University of Piltover Card Image

Vaults of Helia Card Image The Slaughter Docks Card Image Star Spring Card Image

Expedition Changes

There are four new expeditions archetypes added to the game. They will initially be three times as likely to be drafted than other archetypes. The bonus will be reduced in future patches.

New Deck Bundle - Draconic Fury

If you want to take Shyvana (and Aurelion Sol) for a spin, you can do so in the new deck bundle available in the shop, Draconic Fury.

Shyvana Card Image Aurelion Sol Card Image

  • The deck is 10% discounted from the total cost of the wildcards it would take to craft the deck.
  • Champions: Shyvana, Aurelion Sol
  • Theme: Dragons, Fury
  • Playstyle: Midrange beatdown

Monuments of Power Theorycraft Decks

Our own OldManSanns put together four great spotlight articles leading up to the expansion's launch with theorycraft decks for the new champions and landmarks. You'll want to head on over to those articles to learn more about each of the decks.