Hail, Champions! Have you been enjoying your Oozefest? To celebrate, here are 5 "spooky" Runeterra decks to help you commemorate the holiday in style. 

Tempo13X's Mono-SI Mistwraiths

Elise Card Image Hecarim Card Image The Harrowing Card Image

Let's kick things off with what is arguably the spookiest competitive deck. Tempo13x used this mono-SI deck to hit top-15 NA Masters earlier this season. It's like a "Shadow Isle's Greatest Hits" deck: Elise and Frenzied Skitterer for early aggression, Wraithcaller and Hecarim for midgame, and The Rekindler and The Harrowing to close out the game.

NicMakesPlays's Diana + Nocturne Nightfall

Nocturne Card Image Stygian Onlooker Card Image Doombeast Card Image

The other very popular Shadow Isles deck is SI + Targon Nightfall featuring Diana and Nocturne. We're again showcasing NicMakesPlays's list which includes a very small update from his rise to masters this season (he returned 3x Unspeakable Horror to his list); however the "spooky" factor of using Stygian Onlooker and Nocturne to give your units Fearsome, using Doombeasts for Nexus drain and using Stalking Shadows for reload is now universal to all nightfall decks.

Alanzq's K/DA Spooky Karma

The Rekindler Card Image Go Get It Card Image Go Hard Card Image

If new cards are more your thing, perhaps you'd like to check out Alanzq's update on Spooky Karma. This slow control deck looks for rich combos with *two* of the new K/DA epic spells: Go Get It on your The Rekindler to cheat out up to 2 additional Karmas (not counting the first Rekindler's) and L2 Karma(s) to duplicate your Go Hard / Pack Your Bags.

Twinsunz's Prankster Burn

Phantom Prankster Card Image Neverglade Collector Card Image  Used Cask Salesman Card Image

Speaking of classics: we'd be remiss if we didn't also mention this recent update to Prankster burn. Use Elise and fearsome units to chip in early damage, then use Phantom Prankster and Used Cask Salesman to directly burn the rest. It's an oldie-but-goodie that gets forgotten sometimes with all the new archetypes but still shows consistent results on the ladder -- especially to opponents who aren't expecting it.

Random0Dude's Kamikaze the Dead

Kalista Card Image The Undying Card Image

Finally, we've got a neat update to The Undying archetype from community member Random0Dude. We've always liked the synergy between The Undying and Vulnerable, and this deck utilizes new cards Shakedown, Fortune Croaker, and Crumble from Monuments of Power to give a little more utility to the deck. The overall gameplan remains the same though: kill off your The Undying over and over until they can overwhelm your opponent. 

That's it for our spooky Runeterra decks this year. What decks are you looking forward to celebrating the holiday with? Tell us below!