Riot has revealed some more details regarding their upcoming first-ever Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournament!

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Our first Seasonal Tournament is starting soon. Whether you're planning for global domination or tuning in the global hub has everything you need to know.

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What Exactly Is It?

From now on, the end of every season -- including the current Monuments of Power season -- will culminate in a huge 1024-player tournament for each of the four regional shards, America, Asia, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Riot has announced the prize pool for this upcoming tournament will be over $80,000 USD, including $10,000 for each 1st place winner.

How Do You Qualify?

The top 700 Masters players from each shard will automatically advance (based on LP rank as of midnight, December 4th). The remaining slots will be earned though success in the gauntlets – the first 324 players to achieve 7 wins on their first attempt of the Last Chance Gauntlet, which will start on December 4th 11am and account Prime Glories from previous gauntlets as an automatic win.

Note that all times are time zones relative to their respective shards -- i.e., PST for Americas, JST for Asia, CET for Europe, and SST for Southeast Asia.

What is the Format?

  • On December 6th, all 1024 competitors will begin with Open Rounds of 5 Swiss Best of Three matches
  • On December 13th, the top 32 players from the Open Rounds will advance to the single elimination Playoffs

All 32 Playoff participants will receive a cash prize, with a minimum of $150 for 9th-32nd place increasing to that $10,000 reward for 1st. All participants from the Open Rounds will receive an exclusive Player Icon; any player with 3+ wins will also be awarded a Card Back.

How Can I Watch?

Each of the December 13th playoffs will be broadcast in a variety of languages and channels; many of those details are still being finalized. Riot has provided a page with the complete schedule and full list of broadcast channels which they are continuing to update (see below for link); for English listeners, most content will be available on Riot's Twitch and YouTube accounts.

More Information

Riot has provided several webpages that describe the tournament in elaborate details.

Are you looking forward to the Seasonal Tournaments? Let us know below!