In a now-deleted Tweet, Riot Brazil published the wrong video for today's Cosmic Creation card reveals. We've got 4 new Noxus card reveals to share with you, though you'll need to excuse the translation.

It is an open secret that the next champion arriving in Cosmic Creation, outside of the already announced Zoe and Viktor, is Riven. The three were a part of an audio file leak earlier in the year when Riot made the mistake of publishing work-in-progress assets in a game update which was datamined. Seeing as how Riven is a part of Noxus, it is safe to say these are her "support cards".

What kind of Champion do you think Riven will be? Questions aside, let's check out those cards!

Leaked Noxus Cards for Cosmic Creation

Four new cards have been leaked. Cards below are obviously translated and may have slightly different names in English. You can still use them to theorycraft decks!

Hunt the Weak Card Image

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Brutal Hunter Card Image

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Wrathful Rider Card Image

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Arrel the Tracker Card Image

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