We're live recapping the Legends of Runeterra portion of the Riot Games Season 2021 Opening Day!

Important Info

  • Nearly a year ago they set out to make a better card game.
  • Since launch, they have released hundreds of cards, new features, and champions.
  • They are levelling up their events and champions this year.

What's Next:

  • Shurima confirmed!
    • Never-before-seen version of the society.
    • Finding relics
    • Power is available to everyone who is resourceful enough.
  • They want to release more champions more often; Outside of expansion launches.
    • Aphelios arrives later this month.
      • Choose which moon weapon you want to use first.
  • Champion mastery arrives in Runeterra! Playing champions earns them mastery points, unlocking new cosmetics.
  • January 13 - A co-op experience is being added to labs!
  • Social features will be a big feature this year. Its started with the co-op lab.
  • We'll see the Ruined King as an event this year alongside League of Legends. Details to come.


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