We're going to Shurima! The next region being added to Legends of Runeterra is Shurima and we'll be exploring the lands of Shurima over the next set and two expansion releases.

  • We're visiting a Shurima like we've never seen before.
  • A flourishing civilization with a rich history and a bold new future.
  • We're going to be seeking buried relics, predicting the future, and tapping into the god-like power of the Ascended.
  • The power of Shurima is available to those who are resourceful enough to thrive but be warned, the sands do not forgive.

Despite being a large portion of today's announcements, Riot is not giving us a lot of information on the new region and sets quite yet, promising that we'll be seeing more of it early this year.

The Shurima Set Block

We've got three card content releases that are a part of the Shurima block of sets.

  • New Set: Empires of the Ascended
  • New Expansion: Guardians of the Ancient
  • New Expansion: Rise of the Underworlds

The new set will arrive in March 2021 with both smaller expansions to the main set arriving back-to-back in May and June respectively. This a large change from the last year of content releases where we saw a month between each release for the Targon sets. Instead of seeing the entire set released over a 5 month period, it is being condensed into a 4 month period with "champion expansion" releases happening outside of that.

Expires of the Ascended should bring us the largest chunk of the Shurima region so look forward to March when that releases and we can finally play with the Ascended.

Potential Shurima Champions

Nothing has been confirmed from Riot yet. The following champions appear in League of Legends and are come from Shurima which makes them likely candidates for inclusion.

  • Amumu - The Sad Mummy
  • Azir - The Emperor of the Sands
  • Nasus - The Curator of the Sands
  • Rammus - The Armordillo
  • Renekton - The Butcher of the Sands
  • Sivir - The Battle Mistress
  • Skarner - The Crystal Vanguard
  • Taliyah - The Stoneweaver
  • Xerath - The Magus Ascendant





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