Andrew "Umbrage" Yip, Game Director for Legends of Runeterra, shared some good news with us today on his Twitter account about a quality-of-life improvement coming in Patch 2.2.

Quote From RiotUmbrage

For 2.2, we're planning another update to turn timers. Expect turn timers (not chess clocks) to 'pause' during level-up and triggered effect moments properly. This was previously intended to be included in the seasonal tournament patch, but we discovered issues we need to fix.

Currently, Runeterra's turn timers will continue counting down during animations when the player has no control such as champion level-ups and K/DA spells; this can result in players being unable to complete their turns before the timer expires. Based on Riot's 2 week patch cadence, we expect Patch 2.2 to be deployed Wednesday, February 10th.

It wasn't all good news today, though:

Quote From RiotUmbrage

Awesome! More important question though. When champ skins come to Runeterra can we please get that Umbrage Aphelios in game?!


Have you ever lost a game due to the current timer implementation? Share with us below!