Hail, Champions! It's Friday again, and we've got a special fun surprise for your weekend. Last month, streamer Jankie did a charity stream that included an amazing trivia contest. He's given us permission to post those questions and answers here, and we're hiding the answers within spoiler tags so you can try to guess. We'll also be adding some difficult bonus questions into the mix that builds off Jankie's original question -- you can use these to make up for any normal questions you missed, or just to flex how awesome you are at LoR-related trivia!

In case you are revisiting this article from the future: these answers were written in February, after the Aphelios Champion Expansion but before Empires of the Ascended/Shurima release. This means we've also updated the answers that were applicable from Jankie's original stream since it occurred before Aphelios.

First Round

Jankie prepared a total of 27 questions. We'll be breaking them into three 9-question sections in case you don't have enough time to complete them all in one sitting. Here's the first batch of questions -- are you ready?

1. Name 5 "self-contained" keywords that Viktor *cannot* gain from his Hex Core Upgrade spell?

Mechanic-based keywords like Daybreak, Last Breath, and Nexus Strike don't count as possible answers since they need additional text to qualify their effect and therefore are not "self-contained".

Bonus Question: Name all 8!

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Viktor Card Image Hex Core Upgrade Card Image

Viktor's Hex Core Upgrade can't give him the following keywords:

  1. Attune
  2. Deep
  3. Immobile
  4. Vulnerable
  5. Double Attack
  6. Barrier
  7. Augment (Viktor already has it natively)
  8. Ephemeral

Jankie also accepted Frostbite, Fleeting, Silenced, and Stunned, so we'll begrudgingly those as substitutions for any of the above.

2. How many total legs do all the leveled Shadow Isles champions have combined?

Bonus Question: How many LoR champions *don't* have exactly 2 legs?

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The six SI champions have a combined total of 18 legs.

Hecarim Card Image Nocturne Card Image Spider Queen Elise Card Image

Hecarim, Nocture, and Elise are the only 3 champions currently in the game without exactly 2 legs. Sejuani is always depicted riding her drüvask boar mount, Bristle, but Sejuani and Bristle are 2 separate entities. L2 Shyvana's forelimbs are wings and possibly also arms but not legs. Aurelion Sol's body is made up of celestial essence, but in both the card art and LoL he has 4 limbs with the upper 2 functioning as arms and the lower 2 functioning as legs.

3. How many collectible spells naturally cost either less than 1 mana or more than 10?

"Collectible" means that it is a card you can receive from a vault and put in a deck -- e.g., Celestial cards are not collectible. Technically, Thermogenic Beam is a 0-cost spell that naturally increases its own cost based on how much mana you have, but for simplicity's sake it is excluded from this question.

Bonus Question: Excluding Lab games, we count 14 different methods for getting a spell that would normally cost 1 or more down to zero. Can you guess 7 of them?

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Besides Thermogenic Beam, there are 6 total spells.

We count 14 ways to possibly get a non-zero spell's cost to zero in constructed play.

  1. Targon's Peak can make any card cost zero including spells
  2. For The Fallen will reduce its own cost to zero if you've summoned at least 8 Elites while it was in hand
  3. Multiple copies of Moonsilver can reduce a spell to zero, one mana per copy
  4. If a particular spell costs exactly 1 mana, Progress Day! will reduce it to zero
  5. Enough Black Market Merchants will reduce the cost of any nabbed spells to zero
  6. Similarly, each friendly Cloud Drinker will reduce the cost of burst spells by 1
  7. Zoe will make Supercool Starchart free after 2 Nexus Strikes
  8. L2 Aurelion Sol will reduce all celestial spells to zero
  9. L2 Viktor will reduce any created 1-cost spells to zero
  10. Each L2 Aphelios will reduce the cost of Moon Weapons by 1. If you either find some way to get 2 on the field at the same time or combine him with L2 Viktor, your Moon Weapons will be free.
  11. All the cards randomly generated by Treasure Trove will cost zero, including any spells
  12. Similarly, Trail of Evidence has a chance to create a 2 mana spell and set its cost to zero
  13. If Sumpsnipe Scavenger hits allegiance, she'll create a Sumpworks Map and temporarily reduce its cost to zero
  14. There are many ways to reduce a unit's cost to zero. If that unit is a Champion and you later summon a different copy of that Champion to the field, then the card might keep the mana reduction when it transforms into the Champion's signature spell. Note that at the time of this writing this method is inconsistent –  for instance, Go Get It on a champion will reduce the signature spell's cost to zero whereas Revitalizing Roar will not.

4. What is the total power and toughness of all 3 printings of Cithria?

For those unaware: the unnamed Demacia card with "When you summon an Elite, reduce my cost by 1" is implied to be Cithria just after she joins the Dauntless Vanguard.

Bonus question: there are 3 other cards that have unique voice lines with each of these 3 versions of Cithria -- what are they?

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The combined stats of all 3 cards would be 11|11.

Cithria of Cloudfield Card Image Vanguard Squire Card Image Cithria the Bold Card Image

Cithria of Cloudfield is 2|2, Vanguard Squire is 3|3, and Cithria the Bold is 6|6.

All 3 versions have unique voice lines with allied Garen, Tianna Crownguard, and the recently released Captain Arrika. All three have affiliation with the Dauntless Vanguard: Garen is the current Sword Captain (i.e. leader of the order), Tianna was the Sword Captain until she left the order to be promoted to High Marshal, and Arrika is a current member.

5. Which 3 collectible units have the Spider tribal tag but don't mention "Spider" in their card text?

Again, "collectible" means token units that you can't include in your deck don't count.

Bonus Question: including non-collectible cards, how many units have the Spider tribal tag?

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Those 3 cards are Precious Pet, Arachnoid Sentry, and Arachnoid Horror.

Precious Pet Card Image Arachnoid Sentry Card Image Arachnoid Horror Card Image

We count a total of 9 spiders. In addition to the above 3, there's Spiderling, House Spider, Elise, Frenzied Skitterer, Vilemaw, Arachnoid Host.

6. Which card was hot-fixed less than 24 hours after Swim popularized it last fall?

Streamer Swim popularized a particular combo deck in September 2020 leading to an astonishingly quick response with a nerf to this specific card which outright killed the combo.

Bonus Question: On his 14-Nov-2020 Twitch stream, Live Design Lead Steve "RubinZoo" Rubin discussed the process for creating balance patches and how long it takes to make a "big patch". What was the time frame he quoted?

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That card was Zephyr Sage, which originally did not have the "other than Zephyr Sage" clause in its Play ability.

Zephyr Sage Card Image

The combo deck revolved around using Revitalizing Roar to discount a copy of Zephyr Sage to zero mana, then play a different copy of Zephyr Sage to duplicate the free copy. Once you had 2 free copies of Zephyr Sage in hand, you could chain them together infinitely. It was a serviceable method for filling your board with 4|4s; however mischievous players began taking the phrase "infinite combo" too literally and would continuously play Zephyr Sage after Zephyr Sage, never allowing the round to end.

RubinZoo said the work to make a big patch is 3-4 weeks total, 2-3 of which are spent testing changes.

7. Which P&Z and Noxus cards have special effects when they are discarded?

Bonus question: not counting cards discarded due to being fleeting (e.g., no Pool Shark), how many cards can cause another card to be discarded? 

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With the Aphelios Champion Expansion, there are now 5 cards with effects when discarded: Jury-Rig, Flame Chompers!, Vision, Survival Skills, Stress Testing

Arena Bookie Card Image Brash Gambler Card Image Hunt the Weak Card Image

Outside of fleeting, we count 12 cards that will result in other cards being discarded.

  1. Draven's Spinning Axe
  2. Poro Cannon
  3. Zaunite Urchin
  4. Spacey Sketcher
  5. Rummage
  6. Sump Dredger
  7. Get Excited!
  8. Augmented Experimenter will automatically discard your entire hand
  9. The University of Piltover's Round Start ability is technically a discard
  10. Arena Bookie also discards on Round Start
  11. Brash Gambler – yes her draws are fleeting, but her Play cost also requires discarding 2 cards
  12. Hunt the Weak forces a discard from your opponent's hand.

Don't beat yourself up if you forgot Hunt the Weak – we forgot that card existed until we did our research for this question too!

8. Which months are the next 2 Legends of Runeterra themed events scheduled for?

The roadmap from the Season 2021 announcements included 2 upcoming themed events which were designated to take place during these months. These themed events are in addition to the Expansion Event scheduled to coincide with the release of the new set.

Bonus Question: During the Season 2021 announcements it was heavily implied one of these events would be a cross-game Ruination-themed event, including premiering a new cinematic entitled "Ruination" which showed various LoL champions preparing to take on the Ruined King. Which LoR champions were featured in that cinematic?

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The events are scheduled for May and June.

The 3 LoR Champions from the cinematic were Lucian, Karma, and Darius. We'll give you credit you named Senna even though she's technically a LoR follower, not a champion. Samira, Poppy, Vayne, and Viego were all present, but aren't in LoR yet.

9. What is the name for the 3rd expansion for the upcoming set?

The next set will launch with the "Empires of the Ascended” expansion, followed next by the “Guardians of the Ancient” expansion and then one final expansion. What is the name of that 3rd expansion?

Bonus Question: If Riot continues their current patch cadence, what patch number will that expansion be? 

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The name of that expansion will be “Rise of the Underworlds," to be released in June.


The Aphelios Champion Expansion was Patch 2.1.0 released on 3-Feb-2021.  Assuming they keep releasing patches every 2 weeks only incrementing the middle number and that they continue only releasing expansions on odd-numbered patches, that would mean Rise of the Underworld would release on 23-Jun-2021 with Patch 2.11.0.

Round #2

This is the 1/3rd mark. How are you doing so far? The Runeterrable Radio team won the original contest by correctly answering 6 out of 9 questions -- are you on-pace to beat them?

10. Name 2 of the 3 champions from the Foundations set have never been changed?

Animation changes, changes that were attempted internally but never publicly released, and wording improvements that didn't alter functionality don’t’ count. It does include changes from the betas, though!

Bonus Question: Name all 3!

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Fiora Card Image Teemo Card Image Zed Card Image

Fiora, Teemo, and Zed have all remained unchanged.

11. Which one of these statements about previous nerfs is false?

  1. Tianna Crownguard was increased from 7 mana to 8 mana
  2. Scribe of Sorrows was originally 2-cost 2|2 instead of a 3-cost 2|3
  3. Absorb Soul was originally Burst Speed instead of Fast Speed

In other words, 2 of the above statements are true balance changes from previous patches -- which one isn't?

Bonus Question: For Patch 1.4 (24-Jun-2020), Live Design focused specifically on buffing underplayed Epics. They buffed a total of 8 Epics in that patch -- name at least 3 of them. 

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Scribe of Sorrows has always been a 3-cost 2|3.

The Epic cards that were buffed in 1.4 include:

12. Which landmarks have neither a Round Start or Round End effect?

Bonus Question: How many landmarks don't include the word "The" in their official card names?

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13. Which 3 tribes have been added to the game since the Foundations set in Open Beta?

Bonus Question: which cards have had a tribal tag either added or changed since the release?

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Dragon, Sea Monster, and Celestial are the 3 new tribes.

Screeching Dragon Card Image The Beast Below Card Image The Messenger Card Image

After dragons were introduced, The Empyrean and Dragonling (the tokens spawned by Eye of the Dragon) were changed from tribeless to Dragons. There haven't been any other tribal tag changes besides those two.

14. What is the name of the tribe on all the units that Heimerdinger generates?

Bonus Question: In addition to Heimerdinger's generated cards, which other cards share this tribal tag?

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Mk1: Wrenchbot Card Image

Despite his card text saying "I've seen you summon 12+ Power of Turrets", all of his spawns have the Tech tag, not turret.

Also, there are interestingly no other cards with the Tech tag besides these turrets. This surprised us, as P&Z certainly has plenty of technology-based units between Scrap Scuttler, Assembly Bot, Illegal Contraption, and Plaza Guardian.

15. Which Noxian card would formerly stun the next unit your opponent played?

Before it was nerfed, this card's text said "When I'm summoned, Stun the next enemy unit summoned this round."

Bonus Question: That nerf was included in a patch that included a significant rework to Lux's Final Spark. What were those changes?

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Believe it or not, Precious Pet used to this for only 1 mana; it was changed in the Expeditions Preview patch.

While her level-up conditions and first Final Spark generation were the same as her current version, the former version of Lux generated additional Final Sparks on Attack instead of casting additional spells. The Final Sparks also cost 6 mana instead of 0, dealt 6 damage instead of 4, and could be cast at Fast speed instead of Slow.


16. Which combination of champions triggers the following dialogue?

Quote From In-Game Voice Lines

Champion #1: Well, this is awkward.

Champion #2: Everything is a joke to you, huh?

Bonus question: what is the background behind this interaction?

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Thresh Card Image Lucian Card Image

That interaction is between an allied Thresh (Champion #1) and Lucian (Champion #2).

In the lore, Thresh ripped away the soul of Senna, Lucian’s wife, and captured it to his lantern where he tortured her. While Lucian was able to eventually free her, his resentment towards Thresh still remains so partnering them together is indeed awkward.


17. Which 6 Champions exactly share their level-up condition with another?

In other words, you should name 3 pairs of Champions.

Bonus Question: Which Champions always receive an additional "stand-alone" keyword when they level up? In other words, mechanics like Attack and "When X do Y" don't count; only attributes like Tough, SpellShield, etc.

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The Champions with shared level-up conditions are:

There are currently 9 Champions that gain an additional Keyword: 

18. Which Ionian champion is sometimes featured on the Home screen?

The Home screen will rotate between splash art from different regions showcasing one champion; this is the champion for the Ionia splash art.

Bonus Question: During the Spirit Blossom event, the Home screen was locked to a special splash art that featured alt-universe versions of many characters. Which LoR champions were included in that splash screen?

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Yasuo is the champion for the Ionia background.

The original Spirit Blossom splash screen included Teemo, Yasuo, and Thresh. After Yone was released to LoL, the splash screen was edited to include Yone, but he's not a LoR champion yet so he's excluded from the count. If you mistook the dark-skinned woman for Karma you aren't alone, but that's actually an alt-version of Corina Veraza called the Spirit of the Bloom. Thresh can also be tricky – you really need to know his LoL Spirit Blossom skin to recognize his blue horns and skull-shaped lantern.

Art by SIXMOREVODKA; click the image for a full-sized version.

Final Round!

If you're still competing against the original teams, your benchmark so far should be at least 12 correct answers. Time for the home stretch -- finish strong!

19. How many shards do you receive for Common card duplicates?

In other words: when opening a weekly vault, how many shards would you receive as compensation for a common card that you already own all 3 copies of?

Bonus Question: Name how many you get for Rares, Epics, and Champions as well.

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You receive 15 shards for a duplicate Common.

You also receive 60 for a Rare, 250 for an Epic, and 750 for a Champion.

20. How many players will earn a spot in the seasonal tournament based on success in the Last Chance Gauntlet?

Bonus Question: In December's Monuments of Power season tournament, there were 4 independent playoff brackets -- one for each LoR shard. Who was the final champion from your respective shard?

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The first 324 players to successfully complete the last chance gauntlet will join the top 700 players from masters to compete in the 1024-player open rounds.

December's MoP winners were:

  • Americas champion: Puyshpii (pronounced like the sound Yoshi makes when Mario mounts him)
  • Asia champion: ReRoll
  • Europe champion: den
  • Southeast Asia champion: pinpingho

21. What are the effects of the "Hand of Baron" spell?

From the Welcome to the Jungle lab, killing Baron Nashor will generate a special spell in hand called "Hand of Baron". What are the effects of that spell?

Bonus Question: In what months have we seen the Welcome to the Jungle lab so far?

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Hand of Baron's text states "Rally. Give all allies +3|+3 and Overwhelm this Round".

We've seen Welcome to the Jungle twice:

  • September 16, 2020 through September 30, 2020.
  • January 13, 2021 through February 03, 2021.

We'll give you credit if you answered either January '21 or February '21 for the 2nd time.

22. Legends of Runeterra officially released on the 30th of what month?

Bonus Question: What was the official start date of the open beta?

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Runeterra officially launched April 30th, 2020.

While many who pre-registered were admitted early access, Riot said the official start time for the Open Beta was 11 am PST on Friday, January 24th, 2020.

23. What is the current maximum level of the region reward tracks?

Bonus Question: To help new players "catch up", everyone now receives an XP Boost at the start of each region reward track excluding the most recent region. Which levels receive boosted XP?

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The current maximum level is 30.

+50% boosted XP is awarded for levels 1 through 12, stopping at the Wild Capsule between the first two Champion Capsules.

24. From Crusty Codger’s artwork, who is the opponent he is fighting with?

Bonus Question: LoR uses several illustrators, but there are two sources who account for the majority of the card art -- who are they?

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The artwork is from the perspective of a fighting Boxtopus.

The two most common sources of LoR card art are:

  • SIXMOREVODKA, who usually handles the champions & followers
  • Kudos Productions, who usually handles the spells

25. How many Shadow Isles cards have “Drain 1”?

Bonus Question: besides those cards, which other cards have a Drain mechanic? 

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There are 4 cards with "Drain 1": Go Hard, Vile Feast, Unspeakable Horror, and Neverglade Collector.

Go Hard Card Image Vile Feast Card Image Unspeakable Horror Card Image Neverglade Collector Card Image

The other 4 cards that feature Drain are Absorb Soul, Grasp of the Undying, Doombeast, and L2 Vladimir

Absorb Soul Card Image Grasp of the Undying Card Image Doombeast Card Image Vladimir Card Image

26. What is the official name of the Lulu emote?

Bonus Question: What are the official names of the six free emotes that every player starts with?

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Lulu's emote is named Juicy, with the tagline "Yep, that tasted purple."

The six free emotes are:

  1. Hello There = Braum waving
  2. OMG = Jinx in shock
  3. Facepalm = Darius 
  4. Calculating… = Heimerdinger thinking
  5. Sad Poro = Lonely poro crying
  6. Well Played = Shen saluting

27. In the current store, which guardian is not 590 gold? 

In other words, every purchasable guardian in the store right now costs exactly 590 gold except for one -- who is that exception?

Bonus Question: the ability to personalize and purchase guardians and boards was first introduced when open beta launched. Which guardians were in-game at that time?

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Whereas all the other guardians are Common quality, Infernal Drake a.k.a “Charlie” has Rare quality and costs 740 coins. A hearty hat-tip if you recall that Rainbow Poro was available for a limited time at 0 gold.

There were 4 guardians initially available. T-Hex, Gromp Jr., and Scaled Snapper were available in the store, and of course, every player starts with the free Poro. If you guessed either Basilisk, Silverwing, or Gloomtooth then you were close: all those guardians were introduced in 0.8.3, two weeks later.



Jankie created the original 27 questions as part of his charity stream to raise money for Alzheimer's research. If you enjoyed them, he would greatly appreciate it if you would consider donating to this cause.

Quote From @Jankie_LoR

Happy to announce that on the 28th of this month I will be going live for a full 24h in support of @AlzResearchUK. Not only that, but if we manage to raise £500, I'll be live again the very next day for another 12h to keep fighting the cause. Alzheimer's Disease hit my family pretty hard a few years back and regardless of how the stream goes, I want to say thank you to everybody who's agreed to get involved and to @PlayRuneterra and @Twitch for the opportunity to do this.

His charity streams were a great success with him raising £1,374 (~$1,900 USD) over two sessions. The trivia questions were for a contest between guests from popular Runeterra-themed podcasts featuring

It's a very entertaining event to watch, and you can do so from Jankie's YouTube channel below.


Thus concludes our LoR trivia. A gigantic thanks to Jankie for providing the original questions; you can follow him on Twitter, on Twitch, and on YouTube.

How many original questions did you guess right? How many bonus questions? Share with us below!