Runeterra's Live Design Lead Steve "RubinZoo" Rubin made an appearance in Cosmic Creation champion MajiinBae's Twitch stream on Monday, where he responded to some of chat's questions and comments. We've captured those responses below; these have been lightly edited for grammar and formatting.

In response to the slew of buff requests, nerf requests, and calls by others to let him be:

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

It's okay, part of my job is to face tank a ton of feedback – I'm pretty hardened at the point, but it's rough.

On the Lab of Legends and suggestions on updating it:

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

Thanks [for the complements], stay tuned for more information on stuff like that.

Tri-beam Improbulator Card Image Flash of Brilliance Card Image Mimic Card Image

After streamer Ja3en3ational beat MajiinBae using a Ezreal + LeBlanc deck and entered chat: 

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

Who lost [the Twitch in-channel Win-or-Lose] bet cuz of me? D: Was pretty poppin' played some Ez LB. It's like Ez Draven, but you mimic tribeam.

Cut Ez for Heimer and play Flash of Brilliance – then mimic your flash too.

Twisted Fate Card Image Fizz Card Image

"During testing periods, do you ever find OP decks in testing that the playerbase never finds out or tries?"

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

I think many people are aware, but I've literally been playing TF Fizz since Rising Tides….

"Balance patch coming in hot or cold?"

Quote From RiotRubinZoo


Heimerdinger Card Image Mk6: Floor-B-Gone Card Image

On reverting Heimerdinger's changes (re: 3 mana generated a 3|1 elusive turret)

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

Maybe, Heimer is interesting – I think he was probably one of the lowest Winrate champs/decks that we ever nerfed. The elusive free turrets were really tilting people off the wall

On the next balance patch:

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

We've got one, but it's the regularly scheduled post-Set release patch – will be probably the last changes before seasonal [tournaments].

Rhasa the Sunderer Card Image

On reverting the beta nerf to Rhasa the Sunderer (re: 7 mana instead of 8):

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

I get asked this often - probably not. We're playing with fire here; I think that might break Go Hard. That said, I think that Rhasa was actually easy to play around but players weren't experienced enough.

As a joke in response to many in chat asking whether particular behaviors are bugs or not:

Quote From RiotRubinZoo

I keep hitting this bug where my opponent has TF, Pick a Card, Rummage, and Stress Testing and I lose on round 5, is bug?

You can watch the full exchange in the VOD on either MajiinBae's Twitch channel or embedded below.

Thanks again to RubinZoo for taking his personal time to interact with the community.