Hello everybody and welcome back to another Fan Community Spotlight. 3 weeks ago on the series, we featured DeadlyTCG for part 1 of a 2-parter looking at a custom Shurima set they made along with the release of the real Shurima set in Empires of the Ascended. This week, we're looking at part 2. Part 1 focused on one larger cohesive set of 88 cards, this part takes a look at 7 small groups of cards that each focus on their own thing. For the sake of continuity, I do suggest that you read part 1 first and then read this one, but every keyword from part 1 except for Steal X Power return in this part. New to this part are Raise, Unburrow and Curse.




Other aspects of this part not found in part 1 are cards for other factions, and a small taste of another new faction, The Void. Now it may seem a bit overwhelming to try to digest all of this information all at one time, though most of these mechanics are actually not too complicated. Let's get DeadlyTCG to talk about part 2 of this Runeterra 2-parter of Shurima.

Note that these cards were designed prior to the repositioning of faction symbols on cards, hence why the cards in this article still feature them in their original positions.

Does this set have any connection to the main set (other than theme), and if so, what connection is there?

DeadlyTCG: "Yeah, there are a few!

Some cards and packages, like the Chronomancy & Stasis one, directly tie in with extra support for the Stasis archetype, adding cards like Zhonya and Temporal Exchange."

We've got some new keywords here that didn't appear in the main set. What was the inspiration behind each of them and how you wanted to use them?

Azir & Raise

DeadlyTCG: "Mechanically, it lets you pick from 3 different Buried Landmarks to summon. There are 9 Buried Landmarks in total and they're not collectible.

Each Buried Landmark triggers an effect every round and is destroyed after it has triggered it a specific number of times.

Giving them a different number of activations allows for a way to include different effects at different power levels within the Buried Landmark card pool, and balance those effects by how many times the Landmark triggers, ranging from potent effects that are only activated twice, to mild ones that keep impacting the game round after round.

Making them temporary also helps with the problem of having too many Landmarks on board, which can prevent you from playing more units or Landmarks."

Rek'sai and Unburrow

DeadlyTCG: "Unburrow is a Void & Shurima keyword that represents both the Xer'sai (Rek'sai's race) and other desert creatures that burrow, like worms.

Rek'sai leads the Unburrow archetype and she's all about her fantasy of burrowing under the sands, creating tunnels, and emerging to kill her prey.

The "real" Rek'sai is likely going to be in the Rise of the Underworlds expansion and be in the Shurima region, rather than a standalone Void region (which will likely be Ixtal & Icathia, not Void standalone)."

Amumu & Cursed

DeadlyTCG: "The Cursed keyword is present both in units like Prince's Guard, Vengeful Mummy, and Amumu, as well as cards that give Cursed as a debuff or combat trick like Amumu's Cursed Touch.

The extra Health on Cursed units can be used in conjunction with silence effects or effects that scale with the amount of damage that allies take for powerful payoffs."

With the real Shurima set now out in Empires of the Ascended, what do you notice about the real set in comparison or contrast to your own?

DeadlyTCG: "Shurima's emphasis on Landmarks is a particularly interesting similarity.

The "real" set focuses on them by giving Shurima more Landmarks than any other region and having the Landmark archetype.

While this custom set also heavily utilizes Landmarks with the Raise keyword and the Buried Landmarks.

Another interesting comparison is Nasus, as both the "real" Nasus and mine synergize with Fearsomes and Power reduction effects."

Are there any other cards you wish to highlight for any particular reason?

DeadlyTCG: "The Timebender is a cool card that breaks the rules of the game, allowing you to keep priority and choose how many cards you play before passing the turn (not the round) to the enemy. This would virtually give every unit in your hand "Focus speed"."

Sandwurm is a cool, flavorful card. Much like Rek'sai, the Sandwurm unburrows from the sands, devours creatures, and burrows back into the sands again.

Void Hound is a corrupted good boi that buries your stuff.

Tunnel Maneuverability is a cool spell that makes your burrowed cards move within their tunnels to the top of your deck, allowing you to make use of their Unburrow ability.

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

DeadlyTCG: "Thank you for reading!"

This will do it for this week's Fan Community Spotlight and will fully conclude this 2-parter installment. I hope you enjoyed it. There are more cards than just the ones in this article though. There are 7 different areas that each focus on a different aspect, of which all of them can be found in the links below.

If you want to see more Custom Runeterra projects, then click the banner below. While there aren't a lot of projects at the moment, there's never a bad time to start creating your own cards if you're interested. Perhaps this custom Shurima set may have inspired you to create your own Runeterra set.