Patch 2.5 brought an upgrade to the PvE Lab of Legends, a brand new lab, and returned last month's 2v2 PvP lab. We've updated our lab guides for each, so make sure to check them out!

  • The popular Lab of Legends has been upgraded! It now has 2 new heroes, rerolls, difficulty tiers, and the mysterious new Golden Spatula. To celebrate, we've "upgraded" our guide to cover all the new features and include some tips on how to succeed.

  • Ultra Rapid Draw is a new lab -- great for quick games on your lunch break or to snatch up those daily PvP XP bonuses. It's name is a play on the popular LoL game mode Ultra Rapid Fire, or "URF".

The 2 new champions in the PvE lab are Azir and Taliyah; Azir is pretty straight forward but Taliyah is arguably the most difficult champion yet in this lab. If you're struggling, we highly recommend you check out our "Turning a 'Support' Champion into a Carry" hack from that updated lab guide.

Each of these labs will be available until at least the next patch on April 14, 2021, but it is looking like the PvE lab might unofficially be a permanent lab option. The Season 2021 Roadmap also designated another "Legends Lab" event in May, so it's possible there will be another upgrade right around the corner!

What labs have you been playing lately? Share with us below!