If there's one thing you can you count on beyond death and taxes, it's that gamers will vocally vent their frustrations. For example, it probably won't surprise anyone that redditor Spyro_of_Legends recently created a post lamenting their frustrations playing Taliyah in the PvE Lab of Legends. 

Quote From u/Spyro_of_Legends

Can we get a Video of Riot Employees attempting to win Lab of Legends as Taliyah?

It will help to make up for all the pain and suffering Riot has caused.

What was a pleasant surprise, however, was when Riot's Gameplay Engineer w4ndr responded to formally accepting Spyro's challenge!

Quote From u/w4ndr

If my suffering will bring you joy, I'll stream myself stacking Taliyah in the evening/tonight (PST). Will give a more specific time later, once I get OBS/Twitch set up.

Other than "must put items on Taliyah", what other rules do I need to follow?

edit: we doing this at 5pm PDT! https://www.twitch.tv/w4ndr 
currently planning on being joined by two other rioters, so hopefully it's a good time

Taliyah is a challenging champion for the game mode due to her high mana cost, difficulty to level up, and marginal benefits from her Play and Attack abilities. Note that by putting items on Taliyah, w4ndr will also be putting additional copies of Taliyah into his deck and negating the "Support as a Carry" hack that we suggested in our Lab guide.

Taliyah Card Image Taliyah Card Image

You can watch w4ndr's attempt live tonight on his Twitch channel or in the below embedded video!

If you could issue a challenge to a Riot dev, what would you ask to see? Tell us below!