Riot has provided some deck stats from the 32 finalists from the Americas Empires of the Ascended seasonal tournament!

Quote From @PlayRunterra

Here's what the top 32 Americas competitors brought to the Open Rounds! From our data, we're seeing a lot of Slay and TLC decks.

Wondering will be played during the Seasonal Tournament? Tune in Saturday, May 1 at 1 PM PDT to find out.

Indeed, it seems like almost everyone brought either a Thresh + Nasus Slay deck or a Trundle + Lissandra "TLC" deck, with most players choosing to bring both. We are cheering for the brave participants who opted not to bring either; however the previous two tournaments have not rewarded those who bring off-meta decks.

Other observations we made:

  • In total, 33 of LoR's 58 champions are represented.
    • The 25 unrepresented champs include familiars such as Tryndamere and Garen as well as recently-nerfed Fiora.
    • 6 out of the 9 new champs are represented; missed were Taliyah, Kindred, and (surprisingly) Azir
  • All 9 regions are represented, although Ionia, Piltover & Zaun, and Bilgewater have significantly fewer decks than Shadow Isles and Targon
    • Newcomer Shurima is actually the 3rd most popular region, albeit almost entirely due to Nasus Thresh.
  • With 4 decks, 13% of finalists brought the underappreciated Shyvana
    • She has 4x the representation of Scouts, TF Fizz, and Nocturne Nightfall, who all only have 1 deck
    • It should be noted, however, that pairing Shyvana + Aurelion Sol frees up Zoe due to Riot's "champ-lock" format.
  • Infamously low-playrate Katarina earned a spot thanks to Fogacinha's 1x in an Ashe + Marauders deck.
  • Despite Raphterra's claims that Tahm Kench + Soraka is "the ultimate Nasus Thresh counter", only 1 other finalist brought it.
    • Note that Raphterra actually also qualified using Tahm Kench + Soraka, albeit on the SEA shard so his deck is not represented here.

We have not seen any analysis from Riot for the other shards yet, but some unofficial data collected by content creator Kozmic implies these trends are representative of the other shards too. 

What did you think of these results? Did anything surprise you? Share with us below!