Riot's "Arcane", a limited animated series set in the Runeterra universe, will be coming to Netflix this Fall!

We first heard about Arcane 2 years ago during Riot's 10th Anniversary announcements; it was described as "a new animated series about the origins of two iconic League champions—and the power that will tear them apart." Based on the images from that announcement video, we believe this to be about the rivalry between the notorious criminal Jinx and her relentless pursuer Vi. 

It was originally announced with a 2020 release target, however, that got pushed out due to Covid. We didn't know when or where exactly the series would be coming out... until now! This morning, @NetflixGeeked, Netflix's official channel for sizzle reel and poster teasing, revealed that the series would be coming to their service this Fall.

Quote From @NetflixGeeked

The world of @LeagueofLegends  is coming to Netflix. Arcane drops this Fall.

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