We've got some interesting tweets and stream titles today in the Runeterra community that indicate some kind of event is going to be taking place this afternoon.

We have absolutely no idea what is going on! We've got an expansion launching tomorrow and today should be the last set of card reveals with Irelia getting showcased, but what could all these streamers be up to? One thought that we had was that we could possibly see early access of the expansion with streamers getting an opportunity to play a day early. This would match Hearthstone's theorycrafting streams that we see on the lead-up to expansion launch, but is that all it is?

As we said before we're not sure but we do know that half an hour after today's reveals, we can expect *something* to happen. Join us on this journey of confusion and tune in on Twitch in roughly an hour from this post - 9:30 PST (12:30 EST, 18:30 CEST).

Quote From @GrappLr
(5:49am PST:) I’ll be doing a special stream in about 3.5 hours from this post. Don’t miss it!

Quote From @SparklingIceT
IceT streams are making a comeback with a very special LoR stream tonight!

Quote From @SaucyMailman
(Yesterday:) I feel like absolute Garbage today so taking off stream BUT have something EXTRA SPICY planned for tomorrows stream ;)

Additionally, several LoR streamers have notes in their Twitch description about something "special happening at 18:30" (9:30 am PST).

We've embedded GrappLr's stream below so you can tune in to whatever seems to be happening.