We've got a big Legends of Runeterra patch hitting this week with the release of Guardians of the Ancient less than a day away! We've got some new cosmetics coming, region road updates, some nerfs to the popular Nasus Thresh archetype, and more!

Guardians of the Ancient will be playable at approximately 11 AM PST on May 5. (2 PM EST, 20:00 CEST)

New Keyword: Blade Dance

We've got a new keyword coming in the expansion that relates to Irelia and Ionia. Blade Dance starts a free attack with that many summoned Blades.

Irelia Card Image Blossoming Blade Card Image Ribbon Dancer Card Image

New Champions

Three new champions are coming in the patch!

Irelia Card Image Malphite Card Image Zilean Card Image

Balance Changes

Nasus Card Image Thresh Card Image

Quote From Patch Notes
Nasus Thresh decks have been thriving and consistently surpassing our win rate (55%) and play rate (15%) thresholds for what we'd consider healthy. We’re making small changes to the Shadow Isles portions of the deck that have continued to cause meta problems. For now, while Nasus is a clear powerhouse for the deck, we want to leave the power of Shurima intact. We are watchlisting Nasus so we can continue to monitor his performance while investigating potential changes to him in the future if he continues to overperform.

Card Nerfs

New Challenges

Two new challenges are coming that make use of Landmark synergies and Blade Dance.

Region Road Updates

Shurima, Targon, and Ionia have each had their region roads extended by 4 levels.

New Cosmetic Items

Adorable! We've got new guardians, a new board, and new emotes coming in Patch 2.7.0.

Chip Guardian

Chrono Chip Guardian

Time Temple Board

Irelia & Zilean Emotes

That's it for Patch 2.7.0. What are you most looking forward to with the new cards?

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