Legends of Runeterra's Guardians of the Ancient launches later today, and we've put together all the information you're going to need to know for the release. This is the 2nd expansion of Set 4, which brought us the Shurima region.

Guardians of the Ancient Fast Facts

  • 42 new collectible cards including 3 champions.
    • Targon gains the landmark-centric Malphite.
    • Ionia gains the token-centric Irelia.
    • Shurima gains the value-generating Zilean.
  • 1 new keyword, Blade Dance.
    • "Start a free attack with that many summoned Blades."
    • Playing a unit or spell with Blade Dance will instantly generate that many 1|1 tokens attacking.
    • Blade Dance does not consume or require an Attack Token, and it does count as an attack for cards like Emperor's Dais or Miss Fortune
  • The release will go live today, May 5th, at around 10 am PST.


You can review all 42 cards independently in our Guardians of the Ancient Expansion Guide. We also wrote reviews about the champions and some of the cards which we think might shape the meta.

Irelia Card Image Malphite Card Image Zilean Card Image

Region Rewards

Before you craft anything, don't forget that you'll get some free copies of many of the new cards!

  • The region rewards for Shurima, Targon, and Ionia’s Region Roads have been extended by 4 levels each.
  • Remember that Riot has changed the reward structure:
    • We now get Champion Cards at Level 31.
    • If you previously had a Region Reward Road maxed you can now get a guaranteed copy of Malphite and Irelia from the Targon and Ionia roads, respectively, for a mere 2,000 XP.
  • Shurima's unlocked levels will be 26-29.
    • It remains to be seen if they will have been changed to unlock a Champion Card at Level 26 or if we will need to grind to Level 28 for a Champion Capsule for our free Zilean.

Day 1 Decks

Make sure to check out our article that endol133 has written for theorycraft decks!

Also, check back with us as we'll be posting some of the prominent decks we see streamers play after the expansion goes live.

Share Your Own Decks

Have a deck that is working or you're theorycrafting? You can build decks with all the new (and old) cards in our deckbuilder. Bonus points if you write a guide after saving your deck to the site so that everyone can learn from your experience.

New Cosmetics

Don't forget about all the new cosmetics, including the adorable Chip Guardian!

Chip Guardian

Chrono Chip Guardian

Time Temple Board

Irelia & Zilean Emotes

Other than that, as always, don't forget to stay hydrated and good luck!