Details on the new Dark Horizon Event Pass in Legends of Runeterra have arrived!

What is the Dark Horizons Event?

Dark Horizons is a limited-time event in Legends of Runeterra that runs from May 19 until June 16. Completing the pass by playing the game will unlock unique cosmetic items and give you some small boosts to your collection through essence, wildcards, and chests.

  • The pass can be purchased for 975 Coins.
  • If you purchase the pass before June 2, you get a special quest that rewards 10 Star Fragments and a Rare Prismatic Chest.
  • The event pass expires on June 16 at 10 AM Pacific.

See below for all the levels of the event pass and what you unlock for completing it.

Dark Horizons Event Pass Contents Summary

We've summarized the Dark Horizons event chest, splitting it between cosmetic and non-cosmetic contents. Cosmetic contents in these event passes are typically exclusive and cannot be purchased separately - better get playing!

  • 5x Guardians
  • 3x Icons
  • 4x Cardbacks
  • 2x Emotes

There is also non-cosmetic content available through the pass:

  • 2x Essence Pouch
  • 6x Rare Wildcards
  • 6x Epic Wildcards
  • 1x Champion Wildcard
  • 1x Prismatic Rewards Chest
  • 2x Rare Prismatic Rewards Chest
  • 1x Epic Prismatic Rewards Chest
  • 1x Platinum Chest
  • 1x Diamond Chest
  • 1x Prismatic Zed

Keep in mind some of this content is also available for free. Please see the full pass level breakdown below for more details on paid (premium) vs free content.

Dark Horizon Event Pass Guardians

  • Level 1 - Cosmic Genius Von Yipp Guardian
  • Level 6 - Cosmic Construct T-Hex Guardian
  • Level 14 - Minionaut Guardian
  • Level 22 - Dark Star Von Yipp Guardian
  • Level 28 - Dark Star Drake Guardian



Dark Horizon Event Pass Icons

  • Level 2 - Dark Star Shyvana Icon
  • Level 13 (Free) - Dark Star Icon
  • Level 25 - Dark Horizon Icon


Dark Horizon Event Pass Cardbacks

  • Level 4 - The Cosmos Card Back
  • Level 11 - The Dark Star Card Back
  • Level 18 - Cosmic Exile Card Back
  • Level 26 (Free) - Shadow of the Dark Star Card Back


Dark Horizon Event Pass Emotes

  • Level 8 (Free) - Sparky Sparky V on Yipp Emote
  • Level 21 - More Fired Up Emote