Patch 2.8 will feature the continuation of the PvE Lab of Legends and PvP Ultra Rapid Draw as well as a brand new 2v2 PvP lab!

The PvE Lab of Legends seems to be an unofficial permanent Lab mode for the foreseeable future, although it doesn't seem we'll be getting that May upgrade mentioned in the Season 2021 Roadmap. It's still a fun time regardless, though -- if you're looking for some tips, make sure to check out our guide!

The Ultra Rapid Draw introduced from the previous Patch 2.5 rotation continues on for this series. Don't sleep on this fast-paced PvP Lab! It's a win-fast/lose-fast game mode that's great for quickly pounding out games and picking up those daily PvP XP bonuses. 

Finally, we have a brand new Lab, Duo Queue: Shared Spoils. This looks to be a prototype precursor for a possible future duo ranked ladder mode. The basic format is that you and a partner each play a 1v1 game against an opposing team and either sweep them, get swept, or finish off with a single 1v1 tiebreaker. There's also a Supply Drop and Starting Bonus feature, and the winning team gets to divvy up some card capsules.

Finally, it looks like we've also received some additional card styles quest (prismatic rewards) for playing Labs. We've always had the "Essence Experiments" quest, however it use to be just a single quest of "Play games; wins count triple". It has been replaced with a line of 2 quests, the first of which is "Spend 400 Mana in Labs". We still have to see what the 2nd offering in the quest line is; however this looks like Riot is giving some additional rewards for playing labs which is much appreciated.

Each of these labs will be available until at least the next patch on June 2nd, 2021, but lately the Labs have hanging around for a few Patches before rotating out so it's very likely we won't see rotation until either the June 16th or 30th patches.

What labs have you been playing lately? Share with us below!