Hail, Champions! Today marks the arrival of Champion Skins, so to celebrate we rounded up some of the best decks so you can show off your new cosmetics for Shyvana, Riven, Zed, and Yasuo

Dark Star Shyvana

Let's start with the most meta of the 4: Shyvana, who's seen a nice increase in playrate recently thanks to how well dragons line up against the popular Irelia + Azir decks. This is an archetype that is extremely fluid right now as everyone seems to have their personal preferences on the early drops and how much healing to include, but the core of the deck is very common. We ultimately decided to spotlight FreshLobster's deck.

Cosmic Exile Riven

Next up we have Riven, who's had a bit of a time finding a home in a competitive deck. While she is a strong card, it's just so rare that Draven and/or LeBlanc are better options for the exact same mana cost. Fortunately though Swim recently discovered this fun archetype that looks to OTK thanks to the power behind Quick Attack, Overwhelm, and Flurry of Fists. While it still is primarily a Draven deck, Riven provides a nice alternative her as she can conditionally generate her own Quick Attack and Overwhelm.

Dark Star Zed

When we come to Zed, we're starting to get to the tougher nuts to crack -- like Riven, Zed is often just edged out by other slightly more powerful champions so he hasn't seen a much of play lately. That said, since Zed is so flexible he does have a lot of potential applications. Here are a couple of competitive off-meta Zed decks we discovered recently.

Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo

Finally, we come to the least popular champion, Yasuo. Unlike Zed, Yasuo is definitely a build-around card which limits his potential applications and room for innovation. Again, here's a couple of the most competitive Yasuo decks we could find.

Those are all the competitive decks for Shyvana, Riven, Zed, & Yasuo that we could find. Do you have a deck for these champs that you enjoy playing with? Share with us below!