The tournament continues! Last week the teams were testing out the waters with most of them ending with a 1-1 record so now its time to take those important wins! You can find everything you need to know below.


Missed the matches from last week? No worries, we've included the current standings of each group within the spoiler below. There were some competitively rare tie games in those matches so be sure to check out the VoDs for Day 1 and Day 2!

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Most teams went 1-1 during the week with only four teams either losing or winning both games. France was one of the strongest teams to enter but now has a tough task of climbing out from the bottom of Group C.

Group AW-LGroup BW-LGroup CW-LGroup DW-L

You can find the full player lineups here.

The Format

If you remember how things worked in last November, you'll find the format quite easy to follow despite some minor changes.

  • Each team submits 7 different decks each week.
    • A specific champion can only be used in two different decks.
    • A maximum of 2 no-Champion decks can be submitted.
  • Two Champions are banned before each match by each team.
    • Every deck from the opposing team using that Champion gets banned.
    • Only the Champions and regions of each deck are revealed to the opposing team.
    • Teams can choose to ban one no-Champion deck instead of a Champions if they want to.
  • The teams play a best-of-three Conquest match with the remaining decks.

You can find the full tournament rules here.

Stream Schedule

The group stage matches will be streamed on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at the same time on both days.

West Coast


East Coast







Watch Live

The tournament will be streamed on Legends of Runeterra's official Twitch channel.