More Champions? Yup! Riot has revealed another Champion coming in The Ruination event, disguised as the Sentinels of Light event, which is releasing on July 14. You can see today's new cards down below.

Want to learn more about Akshan? Riot has released a blog on the League of Legends side to give insights into Akshan.

Akshan Champion Card Reveal

Akshan Card Image

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Akshan Card Image Akshan's Grappling Hook Card Image

Warlord's Palace

Warlord's Palace Card Image Relic of Power Card Image

Warlord's Hoard

Warlord's Hoard Card Image Sentinel's Hoard Card Image

The Absolver's Resurrection Card Image Fount of Power Card Image Shield of the Sentinels Card Image

New Cards

In addition to Akshan, we saw some more new cards.

Grappling Hook Card Image

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The Absolver Card Image

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The Absolver's Return Card Image