Riot is adding a ton of new cosmetics in this week's 2.12.0 update for Legends of Runeterra. We've got the full scoop down below, so read on if you're interested!

New Champion Skins

There are seven champions who have received a skin with the update. We've got them all available here for you to check out.

Board Chromas

We've got a new feature called Board Chromas! These are variants of certain boards and do not require the base board in order to purchase and equip the chroma. We can see this with the new Sentinel Sanctuary board - it has 3 chromas!

The Sentinel Sanctuary board has interactive elements, special visual effects, and music.

"Akshan" Chroma

"Riven" Chroma

"Senna" Chroma

New Guardians

Four new guardians are coming to the game.

Viego Hauntling

There is no salvation from the darkness… not even darkness this cute.

Sentinel Hauntling

An unfaltering light to keep the shadows at bay.

Ruined Urf

Many champions will enter his arena… NONE SHALL LEAVE!

Sentinel Gloomtooth

A reformed wraith of the Shadow Isles, Gloomtooth now vows to fight the very darkness they were born from.

New Card Backs

Four new card backs are joining the ranks! In order:

  • The Rogue Sentinel
  • Sentinels of Light
  • The Ruined King
  • Ruination

New Emotes

Four new emotes have been added.

  • Heartbroken - Oh, what might have been...
  • Feels Good - Exactly as I'd hoped.
  • Interesting - "I love watching a trainwreck."
  • I Guess... - Pass? Attack? Emote until the timer runs down?