July 14 - Updated with the event pass levels!

We've got a new event pass coming for the "Ruination" event in Legends of Runeterra that launches this week. Here's what we know so far about the event pass.

  • The Sentinels of Light is the new event that begins on July 14 and ends August 10.
  • The event pass is available for 975 Coins.
  • Rewards in the pass feature Ruination and Sentinels.
  • You choose to fight for either the Ruined King or the Sentinels of Light. This determines the order you earn rewards.

Quote From Riot

As a dueling Event Pass, the first time you log in during the event, you’ll need to declare your allegiance to either the Ruined King, or the Sentinels of Light. Your decision determines the order Event Pass rewards are received, and every point you earn during the event contributes to your side in the Sentinels of Light Community Battle!

The Event Pass + Bundle

Purchasable for 975 Coins in the shop, the event pass upgrade gets you access to premium rewards and immediately unlocks a guardian from your chosen allegiance. There is a baseline free version of the event pass all players will be able to participate in even without the upgrade.

  • Playing games earns you Crests.
  • Crests show your progress in the event. More Crests = More Loot.
  • Purchasing the upgraded pass before July 28 gives you an exclusive quest that comes with 10 Crests and a Rare Prismatic Chest.

Quote From Riot

Will life as we know it succumb to the Ruined King’s Black Mist, or can the Sentinels of Light save Runeterra from corruption?

Grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards, and immediately unlocks the Viego Hauntling Guardian or Sentinel Hauntling Guardian. Play games to earn Crests and unlock more rewards! Purchase before July 28 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Crests and a Rare Prismatic Chest!

Event ends and pass expires August 11 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Event Pass Levels

Quote From Legends of Runeterra

We've updated the Sentinels of Light Event Pass - these items have been changed from Premium to Free on levels 3/6:

-The Ruined King Icon
-The Ruined King Card Back
-Sentinels of Light Icon
-The Rogue Sentinel Card Back

Riot Games Social Impact Fund

Quote From Riot

Not only that, but we’re happy to announce that Legends of Runeterra is participating in The Sentinels Initiative, a charity drive towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, alongside LoL PC, Wild Rift, and TFT. In addition to Riot’s initial $1M donation, every Event Pass level completed will contribute a point to the Charity Drive Pool. For every million points players contribute (combined across all games), an extra $100k will be added to the donation, up to a potential $4M total!