We've got an update from Riot on the Sentinels & Ruination event pass - 4 rewards have become a part of the free tier!

This is a major change if you paid attention to the original pass. When the pass rewards were first announced and the servers came up, the rewards were a bit of an oddity. If you chose the Ruined side of the pass, the Ruined King Icon was a premium reward available near the start, but if you went Sentinels instead, you'd get this icon for free down the line. This really made little sense and thankfully, Riot has listened!

Anything that was free on one pass is now free on the other one as well. They could have just changed up which rewards were free on each pass to better match choices, but then players who intentionally picked the opposite pass to pick up the freebies they really cared about would be out of luck. This was a good move from Riot and hopefully this experience helps shape future passes where we have to pick a side.

You can see Riot's post on the matter down below.

Quote From Legends of Runeterra

We've updated the Sentinels of Light Event Pass - these items have been changed from Premium to Free on levels 3/6:

-The Ruined King Icon
-The Ruined King Card Back
-Sentinels of Light Icon
-The Rogue Sentinel Card Back