We've got a round a card nerfs arriving before the Legends of Runeterra Worlds championship, Riot has announced this evening. They are targeting dominant decks that are disrupting the meta and have persisted through last week's release of Beyond the Bandlewood. Here are the 5 card nerfs we can expect:

Additionally, The Arsenal is receiving a bugfix which no longer lets it grant unintentional keywords.

Riot has not specified the exact timing these nerfs are going to arrive. Them being listed as a hotfix though indicates it should be very soon if they are not currently active.

Quote From @PlayRuneterra

With Worlds around the corner, we’re releasing a hotfix targeting some of the most dominant decks disrupting the meta that have persisted through the release of Beyond the Bandlewood. These updates aim to encourage deck diversity and address a high-impact bug fix.

Additional Context:

Barring any emergencies, this will be the patch version that Worlds is played on. We’ll be sharing additional context and details on balance updates moving forward in the 2.15 patch notes next week.

Balance Updates:

Ruin Runner: 5-cost 6|4 > 5-cost 6|3
Merciless Hunter: 3-cost 4|3 > 3-cost 4|2
Shaped Stone: If a landmark has been played, give a unit +3|+1 > If a landmark has been played, give a unit +2|+1

Balance Updates (cont.):

Flawless Duet: 1-cost > 2-cost
Flurry of Fists: 3-cost > 4-cost

Bug Fix:

The Arsenal: No longer grants unintentional keywords (i.e. Stunned / Perma-Spellshield)