Legends of Runeterra's Masters Europe tournament has reached its third and final week! The remaining 8 teams will fight through a Single Elimination bracket to decide the champion of Bandlewood. You can find everything you need to know below.

Team Standings

As a reminder, these were the 16 teams involved in this third iteration of the competition. You can find the full player lineups here.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D

In case you missed the games last week, here are the Twitch VoDs of Day 5 and Day 6. The final standings, as well as the quarterfinal pairings, are provided in the spoiler below.

Standings and Quarterfinals

Group AW-LGroup BW-LGroup CW-LGroup DW-L

Both Czechia and Greece as well as Morocco and Norway had equal tiebreakers and had to play extra matches to solve the group runners-up.


  • Germany - Turkey
  • Russia - Italy
  • Sweden - Morocco
  • Spain - Czechia

The Format

If you remember how things worked last time, you'll find the format quite easy to follow despite some minor changes.

  • Each team submits 7 different decks each week.
    • A specific champion can only be used in two different decks.
    • A maximum of 2 no-Champion decks can be submitted.
  • Two Champions are banned before each match by each team.
    • Every deck from the opposing team using that Champion gets banned.
    • Only the Champions and regions of each deck are revealed to the opposing team.
    • Teams can choose to ban one no-Champion deck instead of a Champions if they want to.
  • The teams play a best-of-three Conquest match with the remaining decks.

You can find the full tournament rules here.

Stream Schedule

The tournament will have a day off on Saturday due to the Open Rounds of the upcoming Seasonal tournament.


West Coast


East Coast






Quarterfinals (Oct 8th)6:009:0015:0022:00
Semifinals and final (Oct 10th)3:006:0012:0019:00

Watch Live

The tournament will be streamed on Legends of Runeterra's official Twitch and Youtube channels.