Legends of Runeterra's Masters Europe tournament has reached its conclusion! The eight remaining teams fought through a Single Elimination bracket to decide the champion of Bandlewood. You can re-live the action with our spoiler-free post below.

Finalists' Decklists

These were the decklists from the two teams that reached the grand final. All decklists used during the competition can be found here.

Finalists' Decklists

Team Germany's Decks

Team Spain's Decks


Missed this weekend's action? Here are the VoDs from the final two days of competition.



You can find out how the single elimination bracket played out within the spoiler below.

Top 8 Bracket

Congratulations to qUaBaTcHiE, Teddy314, and Kuraschi for winning the competition for Germany. You can find the full player lineups of all other teams here.

Runeterra esports action won't be stopping here as the Seasonal Championships will take place next weekend. Don't forget to tune in!