Legends of Runeterra has a new PVE game mode coming out tomorrow, November 10, called The Path of Champions. In this mode you'll get to select a Champion and progress with them through a story which features comics and battles. Along the way, you'll collect power ups and make choices to determine how your story ends.

We've collected all the information that we know so far and have it available down below. If you'd like to watch Riot's teaser for the event, you can do so in the video below.

15 Playable Champions at Launch

There will be 15 Champions that can be played in the mode at the launch of Path of Champions, focusing on those from Piltover, Zaun, Bilgewater, and Ionia. Here are all the Champions you can play as:

Piltover & Zaun



Future updates are planned for The Path of Champions which will add even more Champions to play.


The World Map

Once your champion is selected, you'll get to see which adventures they can go on via the world map.

Here are some example spots from the world map.

  • Spells Chests - It's glowing. Is... is that a good thing, do you think?
    • You can take the treasure in the chest, selecting one of three spells available within.
    • The chosen spell in the example provided added two copies of it to your deck.
    • Rerolls can be spent to change the contents of the chest.
  • Card Shop - "Come in, come in! There's something for everyone here."
    • You can use your gold to purchase cards for your deck.
    • It appears you may be able to purchase additional rerolls as well.

Campaign Adventures

Riot puts it simply: Think the best of Lab of Legends with the best of Saltwater Scourge.

  • Unique final bosses.
  • Critical pathing decisions.
  • Different encounters.
  • Ramping difficulty.
  • Replayable over and over again.

Reputation Ranks

Reputation ranks give you permanent power ups that stay with you in future runs of the same content.

  • You earn reputation by completing adventures.
  • Each champion has their own Reputation Rank.
  • Lets you create overpowered champions - stuff you'd never see in PVP.
  • These are passive powers that are always active once you reach the provided Reputation Rank.

Here are some examples of the power increases that are unlocked for Jayce via the Reputation Ranks.

  • [Level 2] Pickaxe (+2|+0) - Begin each adventure with a Pickaxe.
  • [Level 3] +50 Gold - Begin every adventure with an extra 50 gold.
  • [Level 4] Cut Cards - You can now cut cards at the Healer.
  • [Level 5] Common Relic Slot - Gain a slot for a Common Relic Item.
  • [Level 6] Rare & Epic Special Encounters - You can now find rare and epic special encounters on your adventures.
  • [Level 7] +2 Rerolls - Begin every adventure with 2 additional Rerolls.
  • [Level 8] New Starting Power - When you summon an ally, grant it +1|+0 for each 6+ cost spell in your hand.

Here are examples of Irelia's Reputation Rank rewards.

  • [Level 2] Doran's Blade (+1|+1) - Being every adventure with a Doran's Blade.

Here are examples of Lee Sin's Reputation Rank rewards.

  • [Level 2] Doran's Blade (+1|+1) - Being every adventure with a Doran's Blade.

Here are examples of Lulu's Reputation Rank rewards.

  • [Level 2] Giant's Belt (+0|+2) - Begin every adventure with a Giant's Belt.

Here are some examples of Yasuo's Reputation Rank rewards.

  • [Level 2] Pickaxe (+2|+0) - Begin every adventure with a Pickaxe.

Here are examples of Zed's Reputation Rank rewards.

  • [Level 2] Doran's Blade (+1|+1) - Being every adventure with a Doran's Blade.

Example Power Rewards

During your adventure, you will earn power increases after completing battles. These are some examples that were shown.

  • Fast Deal - Round Start: Draw 1 and give it Fleeting. When you discard a card, shuffle a copy of it into your deck.
  • Manaflow - Start of Game: Get an empty mana gem.
  • Evolution - Allies have +1|+1 for each keyword they have.

Example Relics

Here are some relics that can be slotted into your Champion.

  • Luden's Tempest - All your spells and skills deal 1 extra damage.
  • Banshee's Veil - SpellShield
  • Caulfield's Warhammer - +2|+1
  • Lost Chapter - When I'm summoned, refill your spell mana.
  • Ravenous Hydra - When I'm summoned, deal 1 to all enemies.
  • Everfrost - When I'm summoned, deal 1 to all enemies. 

Choose How Your Story Ends

During Jayce's adventure, you'll have to either accept or refuse Viktor's proposal. Both options result in different endings and present you with different rewards. You can always make different decisions the next time you play.

Accept Proposal

  • Gearing Up - Game Start: Summon 2 Armed Gearhead.

Decline Proposal

  • Alternative Power Source - Game Start: Summon a Hextech Observatory.


Throughout your Champion Adventures you will see comics!