Reveal season continues for Legends of Runeterra's upcoming expansion to Beyond the Bandlewood - Magic Misadventures!

Today we've got 2 new cards that have been revealed by Riot and they include a brand new subtype called "Mecha-Yordle". The two new cards generate Mecha-Yordles from a set of 11 of them, all of which you can find below. If you want to start playing around with these cards before Magic Misadventures goes live on December 8, you can head on over to our deckbuilder to start theorycrafting new decks to play.

Mecha-Yordle Generators!

Squeaker Card Image

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Scrapheap Card Image

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The Mecha-Yordles

Bouncer & Bolt Card Image Furyhorn Crasher Card Image Geode Mechaforcer Card Image Salty Spinner Card Image

Smash & Dash Card Image Professor Von Mech Card Image Shadowtech Walker Card Image Dunehopper Mech Card Image

Trumpetecher Card Image Earthshaker Card Image Lil Dipper Card Image