Another day, another expansion launch. Magic Misadventures will be going live today, December 8th, and our Runeterra community has been tinkering with the four new champions; here are some of their best ideas for each!


Riot teased theorycrafters by revealing Kennen much earlier than the obvious synergy champion, Ahri, so the initial theorycrafts tried to find someone else to pair Kennen with. Since the level up requirement wants to see you summon the same unit over and over again, LoRatel97 was quick to find something to fulfill that from Ionia - Irelia's Blades.

Other theorycrafts explored Zed, Lee Sin, or mono-Kennen options.

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The second revealed champion, Pantheon, opened up a lot of options since many regions have access to cheap buff spells to get his level up going. KSTRxLKSHOT has made multiple theorycrafts around this particular champion, like pairing him with Zoe or Shyvana, but perhaps the most obvious synergy is with Riven and her blade fragments.

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Others have explored Akshan, Viktor, or Sejuani as Pantheon's possible sidekicks.

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While Yordle Explorer stole a good chunk of the spotlight during Rumble's reveal, the champion itself offers some obvious and some not-as-evident directions for deckbuilding. Gfdbobthe3 noticed that the dual-region Mecha-Yordles created by Rumble and his followers will greatly benefit Tristana and paired the two together with this Bandle-heavy list.

Draven and Sion were unsurprisingly among the theorycrafted champion pairs, as was the soon-nerfed Yordle menace Poppy.

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Riot didn't give too much time to tinker around with Ahri, but for most the direction was quite clear: Kennen should be included in one way or another. This is the list that javahuji came up with, choosing the old landmark Monastery of Hirana ahead of the new God-Willow Seedling.

Other explorations have included Yasuo, Zed, and even Katarina, among others.

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What decks are you planning to try for launch? Did you enjoy this type of deck spotlight? Let us know in the comments below!