We've got the latest scoop on all the card balance changes that are coming this week in Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.0.0! First though, let's see what Riot has to say about this patch.

Quote From Riot

We’re kicking off the year with a large set of card updates! In addition to our usual meta analysis and surveys, we also experimented with opening up direct lines of community feedback on social media, as well as community channels to help shape this patch, so we’d like to offer special thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts and feedback! Some notes on priorities for this update:

  • A number of dominant decks are being hit, including a few Poppy-centric decks, as well as Sejuani/Gangplank and Sion/Draven.
  • Generally aiming to improve meta & region diversity - we’re specifically targeting Freljord with a number of card usability buffs.

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Card Buffs

  • Ashe
    • Level-up requirement now requires 4+ Frostbitten enemies (Down from 5+).
  • Trundle
  • Anivia
  • Kindred
    • Kindred Now Costs 4 and has 3 Health (Down from 5 Cost and 4 Health).
    • Kindred (L2) Now Costs 4 and has 4 Health (Down from 5 Cost and 5 Health).
  • Maokai (and Level 2)
    • Effect now triggers on Summon rather than Play.
  • Darius
  • Xerath
    • Xerath Now has 4 Health (Up from 3).
    • Xerath (L2) Now has 5 Health (Up from 4).
    • Xerath (L3) Ability now triggers on destroying a Landmark, and targets enemy units before targeting the Nexus.
  • Diana
    • Effect will now trigger on Nightfall or when another Nightfall is activated.
  • It That Stares Damage dealing part of effect is now 3 Damage to ALL (Up from 2 Damage to ALL).
  • Voices of the Old Ones Now looks at the top 5 cards in your deck (Up from top 4).
  • Iceborn Legacy is now a Burst spell (Was Slow).
  • Rimetusk Shaman Now has 4 Health (Up from 3).
  • Chump Whump Now has 4 Health (Up from 3).
  • Ruined Rex Now has 4|4 Stats (Up from 3|3). Effect can now trigger 6 times (Up from 5).
  • Coral Creatures Now has 3 Health (Up from 2).
  • Ascended's Rise Now Costs 6 (Down from 7).
  • Corina Veraza Now has 8|8 Stats (Up from 6|6).
  • Buried Sun Disc Now Summons at the start of the game (Previously was Drawn).
  • Vengeance Now Costs 6 (Down from 7).
  • Golden Crushbot Now has a subtype of Mech (Was None).

Card Nerfs

Card Changes

  • Poro Herder
    • Old: When I’m summoned, draw a Poro if you have a Poro ally.
    • New: When I’m summoned, if you Behold a Poro, draw a Poro.
  • Back Alley Barkeep
    • Now has 3 Health (Up from 2).
    • Can now create cards outside of your deck’s regions.

Patch 3.0.0 Bug Fixes

We've also got a load of bug fixes coming in.

Quote From Riot

  • Fixed an issue where, when a user attempted to grab multiple cards at once, only the first unit would be selected.
  • Fixed an issue where VFX wouldn’t play when Sapling Toss was cast.
  • Fixed an issue where opponent The Arsenal cards would be granted a random keyword when the player destroys an enemy Landmark.
  • Fixed an issue where Oracle's Eye would display the incorrect outcome when casting Singular Will on Tail-Cloak Matriarch.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the opponent’s view of Invoke when Aurelion Sol is put on the board plays out card by card instead of displaying all cards at once.
  • Fixed multiple VO bugs where allies were not interacting with summoned cards.
  • Fixed a visual bug where certain card frames were appearing only after the VFX finished, making it look like the stats were floating above the unit art.
  • Yordle Squire's flavor text now accurately calls its weapon a spear instead of a hammer.
  • Fixed an issue where an Overgrown Snapvine would be wrongly obliterated after a level two Viego kills an enemy champion at round start.
  • Fixed an issue where removing Challenger from a non-committed challenging unit would not break the challenger state.
  • Fixed an issue where Chronobreaks created by a level two Ekko were missing keyword icons.
  • Fixed an issue where Retreat was not creating a Return when recalling a Claws of the Dragon after having played two spells.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Miss Fortune’s art displayed uncentered when attacking with a full back row.
  • Fixed a few bugs where VFX would either not play for certain spells or play generic VFX instead of custom VFX.
  • Fixed a UI issue where cards would get stuck when a player holds it until the turn timer runs out.
  • Fixed a UI issue where cards would flutter when a player would scrub over revealed cards in an opponent’s hand