Magic Misadventures launched one day after Hearthstone's Alterac Valley and now A Curious Journey arrives day later than their new Mini-Set. Our Runeterra community has been tinkering with the four new champions; here are some of their best ideas for each!


Every League players' favourite cat has arrived! The synergy with Targon's other newest champion Pantheon was quite clear, and plenty of people decided to tinker around the idea Riot clearly wanted them to. Here's what timmytiger2 came up with.

The new Attach cards definitely seem to enable some...let's say fun archetypes. Our community's Yuumis have been targeting Rumble, Teemo, and Poppy, among others.

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Soraka was a common partner for the Demacian petricite colossus amongst our community members' theorycrafts. Star Spring was a usual inclusion as well, but AurelionCarriesU believes in the sheer power of Zenith Blade to be enough in combination of the large Formidable units.

Other explorations include another high Health champion in Braum, Poppy's stat buffs to all Formidables, and...Vladimir? (Durand Architect + Battering Ram is the real champion of that deck).

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Despite of Udyr's quite simplistic level up condition, he has seen a lot of experimentation in a variety of decks, mostly thanks to the Stance Swap tokens he creates. RuiB24 has found an unexpected friend for the Freljordian spirit walker in Tahm Kench. Why, you ask. Boar Stance.

Udyr Tahm
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The stances have been found useful for Viktor as created cards and Akshan as ally-targeting cards. And there's also Swain because of the damage requirement.

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There wasn't that much time to theorycraft with Gnar, but luckily his level up condition is the easiest in the game: just damage the enemy Nexus. Unsurprisingly, the prehistoric yordle was consequently paired with champions that are also interested in Nexus damage, like Gangplank in MatrimCauthon's new Ping City.

Gnar also found some friends from his own regions in Udyr, Sejuani, and Yuumi/Rumble.

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What decks are you planning to try for launch? Let us know in the comments below!