Legends of Runeterra just posted some details for the upcoming Expedition mode set to launch on Thursday.  Make sure you pre-register for your chance to be a part of the Preview Patch at the LoR website.

Quote From Legends of Runeterra

Tues: Full video on YouTube
Wed: Patch notes on Legends of Runeterra (spoiler: we changed 40+ cards)
Thurs: Game time. Twitter

From the short video they showed it looks like the card selection process is a bit different than what you may be used to.  It appears that you have 3 choices and those are blocks of multiple cards instead of just a singular pick.  It also looks like you get your Region selection out of the way after picking a couple of Champions before moving on to Synergy picks for the deck.  I'm sure we'll get a lot more information tomorrow so be on the lookout for new details!

First pick - first Champion!

Zed Card Image

Alright, Ionia and Shadow Isles it is!

Hecarim Card Image

Time to decide which direction we want to take the deck.