Legends of Runeterra has posted a new FAQ for the upcoming Expedition format, which launches this Thursday, 11/14/19 at 8:00am PST. Be sure and pre-register on their website for a chance to join in this Preview Patch.

  • You get 1 Expedition token and 8000 Shards to use during this Preview Patch
  • Choose Champions to start and alternate between synergy and wild picks
  • You can end up with 3 different regions in your deck - only in Expeditions
  • After winning a match you get another pick to upgrade your deck and you can trade out cards too
  • Keep playing until you win 7 matches or you lose 2 in a row
  • Each expedition consists of TWO trials - finish your first one then you play a second trial to 7 wins again
  • You can participate in 3 new Expeditions each week