We just finished up the 2nd Preview Patch for Legends of Runeterra, which introduced Expeditions, the new drafting format for the title.  It’s been a lot of fun, but now we’ve got to say farewell until the game returns for closed beta sometime during Q1.  In this article we’ll look at some of the things that stood out for this limited play option.  You can still register to join in the fun next time at the Legends of Runeterra website.


In this draft format they have tried to put in many ways for you to get the best results possible and include second chances at better rewards.  Each run includes two trials and your final rewards will be based on whichever trial had the best performance.  Each trial lasts until you either reach 7 wins or lose twice in a row.  However, it is sudden death once you get to 6 wins, so getting that final win is more challenging.

It's your choice if you want to try for better results.


Drafting is a bit different than what you may be used to from other similar games.  You start off by drafting a couple of Champions to determine the regions for your deck and then you’ll get to choose between synergy and wild picks until you’ve completed a 30-card deck (15 picks).  The cards bundled together are all based on different archetypes, which may help you decide which direction you should draft.

Which Champion do you want on your side?


After each match you will have a chance to further tweak your deck by using trade picks.  This allows you to switch out a card that may not be as good as you had hoped with something else that better fits your deck.  This is a nice way to fix drafting mistakes or times when you had no better options.

Wild picks can even add a 3rd Region to your deck!


You’ll always win at least 1 Champion as part of your prize pool on top of whatever other cards or shards you are rewarded.  The rewards feel generous but may not give you enough shards to pay for the entry fee.  Since you can only play 3 Expeditions to earn rewards from each week it may not be too much of an issue.

This is only 1 page out of 6 for rewards!


It’s a good system that makes building your deck fast and fun.  It also has a much more relaxed feel than drafting formats from other similar games.  Being focused on the wins and giving you so many opportunities to improve feels good.  There are some Champions who may still need to be slightly tuned.  I know Anivia can be extremely frustrating and difficult to get rid of in this format.

Once the game starts back up again, they’ll have even more features implemented and invites to send out.  They have already performed a wipe on all accounts, so everyone will be starting with a clean slate.  I’m ready for it to be available permanently so I can continue to explore this great game!  What did you enjoy about the Expeditions patch?  Share your experiences in the comments below!