Even though we've still got another month or so before the closed beta starts up for Legends of Runeterra there are still things happening and I've got the recap for you! Here are some tidbits from the last week that you might have missed out on.

You can't hide from Thresh!

Quote From Jules Glegg ~ excerpt from article
You may have noticed that the text style editor allows artists to choose different sizes on mobile platforms. This is super important for accessibility, as the smaller footprint and higher resolution of many mobile devices can leave text illegible in many cases. And beside the challenge of screen size, we also need to be sensitive toward the ever-growing number of devices that play with the screen’s shape - puncturing it with floating cameras or impinging on its visible area with a camera notch. So that artists can test their artwork under a variety of such conditions, we added a simulator tool to Unity that throws the game into a device-appropriate aspect ratio and loads in a notch image to indicate which (if any) content will be obscured in various device orientations.

  • Riot Report: Episode 4, hosted by Riv with special guest, Jake Street - Legends of Runeterra Developer (starts at the 18 minute mark and ends around 32 minutes).

Quote From Shaun Rivera ~ excerpt from article
While I can’t discuss future expansion plans in great detail yet, I can say that we’re focused on making sure that players (including those who don’t spend money) will have a clear, realistic path towards acquiring any strategy they can imagine.

  • Alt/Char conducts an interview with Steve Rubin, Game Designer at Riot.

Quote From Steve Rubin ~ excerpt from article
We want people to spend the absolute minimum amount to get exactly what they want. People won't be ahead just because they've spent money. We feel like there should be a level playing field.