We already know that Legends of Runeterra will be adding more existing, and possibly new, regions to the current selection. After datamining some images in the client, we may have discovered a brand new combination region, like Piltover & Zaun. Here's what we found.

It's a little difficult to see in this image, but none of the new regions have line strokes around them, so I would guess these are not the finalized ones that will be active in-game. I don't know if the order of images has any significance here, because they were not named or numbered, but could Bilgewater be the first new region to be released?

There are a couple of interesting things about these images. The first is that there's a crest for Zaun, which is already paired with Piltover in existing regions. Does this mean that we are going to see cards specifically from Zaun or is this just a placeholder image leftover from initial testing before they decided to combine the two specifically for Legends of Runeterra?

The next, and most interesting, thing that sticks out is the mystery crest for a region that doesn't currently exist in League of Legends. I have a couple of theories about this.

  • It's a new crest for a combination region, like Piltover & Zaun.
  • It's a brand new, redesigned crest for an existing region. The Void would make the most sense.
  • It's an outdated image used for testing purposes.

From those options I think the first one is the most likely to be true. If it's a combination of two existing regions, which ones would it be for? You may notice in the image that Ixtal and The Void are nowhere to be found. That makes them the most likely candidates to belong to this unknown crest. I'll share some of my thoughts on how this makes any sense.

At first glance it doesn't look like elements of each image are there, but neither does the Piltover & Zaun crest, if you're just trying to combine them. The Piltover & Zaun crest looks like it retains some of the gear aspects of the original Piltover, but appears to be a city with another structure inside of it. That's exactly the relationship between Piltover & Zaun, since one is built on top of the other. In that respect the image has some logic to it, so I tried to think of how an Ixtal & The Void combination would work as well.

If you're Shurima or Ixtal I don't think either one of you wants to be this close to The Void.

When you look at Ixtal and The Void on the map you can see they are neighbors, although technically there's a small patch of Shurima between them. It still makes sense geographically that you would combine them. There is also a history between the two regions with the mages of Ixtal surviving encounters with The Void and afterwards, distancing themselves from the rest of the world. Another key factor is the number of Champions available for each region. Currently, Ixtal has six Champions, which is the least of any other existing region, and The Void has eight. Pairing Ixtal with another region would almost certainly happen, regardless.

Pictured here: the Cardinal Arcology, the Magma Acrology, and the Water Arcology.

Ixaocan has several Arcologies, ancient structures built deep within the jungles of Ixtal, which serve as home to thousands of inhabitants and school for the teachings of elemental magic, which is central to their culture. They live secluded from the rest of the world and use strong magic to prevent outsiders from gaining access to their hidden city. You'll notice that each Arcology has some type of gemstone floating above the structure. This could easily be the oval shape in the center of the unknown crest.

I wonder if The Eye of Sauron knows he has a younger brother?

Above is pictured Vel'koz, a Champion from The Void. The oval shape at the center of the unknown crest could be a reference to this terrifying creature. His armor could also be the three streaks on either side of the crest.

The Void and Voidborn creatures can take various shapes, with no two alike. They consume everything around them.

The outer ring of the crest and the three prongs on each side could also be a representation of how The Void manifests itself in Runeterra.

What are your thoughts about the new crest? Do you think my reasoning is sound or did I miss something that perhaps makes more sense? Do you have a completely different theory than mine? If so, please share it in the comments section below!