We've been taking a look at data inside of Runeterra's client and have come across 7 emotes that are not yet available in-game!

  • We have no idea if these are ever going to be officially added for players.
  • We aren't certain how they would become available for use if we do get them.
  • There are a total of 13 emotes in Legends of Runeterra if these 7 were added to the playable pool.

The Datamined and Unreleased Legends of Runeterra Emotes

There are seven emotes in total. Check them out along with their descriptions below.



From top left to bottom right we have:

  • Fiora - Bring It On
  • Lux - Thumbs Up
  • Poro - Yawn
  • Thresh - ??
  • Tryndamere - Rage
  • Vladimir - Cheers
  • Yasuo - Reversal

What do you think of the emotes? If given the opportunity would you purchase additional emotes with Riot Coins?

Let us know in the comments below!