We've already had a small patch to introduce new guardians and speed up animations, datamined a possible new region and unreleased emotes, and gathered some of the top decks this week. Take a look back and see if you missed anything!

We've gathered some of the top decks from this week. Give 'em a try or use our Deckbuilder and share your own!

The first small patch introduces three new guardians, speeds up some animations, and adds a handful of other minor adjustments.

We datamined a new region in the LoR client. Could it be a combination region or something entirely different?

With the datamine we also found a number of unreleased emotes that could be introduced in the game.

Check out our series on concept art for Legends of Runeterra. This week we looked at Demacia.


There are tons of great memes this week on Reddit, but you absolutely need to read how you can destroy the meta...with Elnuks. Thanks to Reddit user, crawlingbacktolife, you can show your face in ranked play, with your head held high, crushing players with a horde of Elnuks.