We're halfway through our series that highlights our favorite cards from Legends of Runeterra! Today we will continue forward with cards and decks from Noxus. Be sure and give these decks a try or share one of your own by using our Deckbuilder.


House Spider

House Spider Card Image

There are a LOT of spiders in this game and I think this is one of the best for the cost and value it provides. Getting 3/3 worth of combined stats for only 2 mana is a pretty good deal and the fact that you get an extra spider can really go a long way if you're trying to trigger Elise or just want a throwaway follower for Glimpse Beyond. One other thing that caught my eye in the full art was the teddy bear.

It might just be me, but it looks like an awful lot like another existing stuffed animal/monstrosity in League of Legends (except the button-eye is reversed here).

Could this be a nod to the powerful duo of Annie and Tibbers? I would really like to see them make their debut in Legends of Runeterra, but until then, have a go at this deck overflowing with spiders!



Katarina Card Image

There was a time, back in League of Legends pro play, when Katarina was so overtuned that shoutcasters gave up trying to explain what just happened in a fight and began to simply state 'Katarina.'. I strongly suspect that the same could well happen to LoR when the eSports scene takes off, albeit to a lesser extent. She is phenomenally powerful.

For most of the Alpha and early Beta, people haven't really played Kat much. Even now, she's underplayed in my opinion, because people don't really appreciate what she is - a Champion that isn't really a Champion. If you try to play her like a Champion - building around her, protecting her, setting her up as a centrepiece - you won't get very far. She's not built for that - you'll be paying through the nose just to keep her on the board. Instead, look at her as a quick 3-damage burn (albeit one your opponent can choose where to target), followed by a 4-cost spell which gives Rally and another 4-cost burn. Essentially, Shunpo but costing 1 less and doing double the damage - and replayable endlessly.

What people should be doing, in my opinion, is slotting Kat into any aggressive deck that can spare a secondary region. Sadly Noxus doesn't have many desirable tools beyond Kat right now for splashing, but Kat alone can make that worthwhile. Combine her with followers that can't block to remove their downside, or with powerful attacking effects like Quick Attack to repeat them again and again. To that end, the deck below created by MegaM0gwai and posted by neonangel uses Kat to great effect to abuse Legion Drummer/Trifarian Gloryseeker combos and allow Ashe to freeze entire boards.


Kato The Arm Card Image Shiraza the Blade Card Image

I had to pick two cards here, because these guys are just meant to be together, even tho they might try to deny it. Just look at their flavor texts:

"Shiraza is a great girlfriend--I mean friend--and we are in no way dating. But if we were, I would like her to know that I wish her a happy anniversary. Thank you, no more questions."

"He said what?! That man has bricks for brains. Can't fault those shoulders, though..."

Aww, how cute is that?<3 And their abilities compliment their characters too. Kato is a real man, supporting his woman no matter how crazy she gets!

If you played League of Legends, you already know that Riot is great at storytelling and they put a lot of effort into their characters on the field, but also off the field. And from what we've seen so far, Runeterra is no different!

When I was searching for a deck that utilizes this duo, one from PrisonRyot caught my eye. You guessed it, face is still THE place! Have at it!

Arachnoid Host Card Image

I'm not much of a Noxus player, so picking a favorite Noxus card was more difficult than the other regions. But I knew I had to go with this card because the entire artwork is super awesome, which I noticed when I was making my concept art series.

Everything from the sense of urgency, to the color palette, and the presence of Elise in the background. It's all so real. I also find it quite hilarious that the man being attacked seems to be offering roses to the large spider. Or at the very least, that's what he looks like he's doing. In any Spider deck, this is an auto-include. Check out Sinti's Overwhelming Spiders deck.

Be sure and keep an eye out for the Ionia article tomorrow!