Tybaulk Card Image

Card Stats

  • Region Noxus
  • Expansion Worldwalker
  • Rarity None
  • Cost 6
  • Attack 6
  • Health 6

Card Text

When I'm summoned, grant allies everywhere +1|+0 and for the rest of the game, all of your spells and Skills deal 1 extra damage.


Overwhelm - Excess damage I deal to my blocker is dealt to the enemy Nexus.

Flavor Text

"...it burns in me. This dark presence. It whispers to me. Fire. FIRE. In the flames, I see its eyes. Black and unblinking. Staring. Smiling. Urging me to step in. Urging me to join the rest. Silhouettes in the inferno. Reaching out. Come home. Come home." - Remains of a decrepit Nockmirchian diary


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